So here’s Slightly Biased Manga, a review site that houses brief, fannish reviews on Japanese and Korean comics.  All reviews are written by Connie.  These series are all available in English, and all of them are things that I own.  Most of them I bought myself, but a few of them were review copies or advance reading copies.  I’ll read almost anything I’m handed, but I have to read series in order, and it has to be an English translation of a Japanese or Korean comic.  I read a ton of other comics, American, OEL, vintage, and otherwise, but that’s just what I post here.

This site started almost 5 years ago as a site where I posted full reviews.  I’ve written full reviews for Mangabits, ListerX, Anime on DVD, and Manga Recon, but I shifted to this “micro review” format because I found it easier to dash off a couple paragraphs on something that I just read rather than labor and worry over a review for volume 12 of something when I couldn’t think of anything constructive to say.  Recently, the reviews here are turning out to be the length of a full review anyway, but they’re really more along the lines of “wow, this was totally awesome” rather than something like “such-and-such plot development added an unexpected depth to the situation.”  Also, some of the older reviews are extremely nonsensical and profane, mostly because these were originally only for my benefit, and I would just use a blog to keep some brief notes for things before I wrote a full review.  I’m trying to go back and fix these, but forgive me if you happen to stumble across some.  Also, I usually use pseudonymns when I write due to an insane need for privacy, but I use the same name here and at Manga Recon.  I know there is at least other “Connie” that reviews manga, at Anime on DVD, that isn’t me.

You may also notice I almost never comment on the artwork in any series.  I usually only notice the art in a series if it is very bad or very good, mostly because I have a poor eye for details (this also hinders my ability to recognize people or describe the human face at all).  It’s something I feel guilty about whenever I read other reviews, so here’s my confession.

My name is Connie.  I’m 25 years old, and contrary to the above paragraph, have a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where I studied art history and visual communication.  I’m currently the manager of a bookselling company that travels all over the country to various fairs, which is pretty fun since I like to travel.  My manga habit started about 10 years ago, when I got really into the video game “Pokemon” and decided to read the comic based on it, and got sent a Viz catalog along with that and started reading Ranma 1/2, and then found out about Sailor Moon, which had just started coming out from Tokyopop… you see where this goes.  I’m one of those people who will gladly tell you how hard it was to get manga when there were only a few series coming out, you never saw it in stores (I grew up in the hollers of Ohio, south of Youngstown, we didn’t even have a comic shop), there were no scanslations, no Right Stuf sales, and everything was $16.95 per volume.

Because I can’t think of where else to put it, let’s try here: コニーとボク! 青池保子! Just so I remember that I’m looking for that particular thing.

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    i hope i will get friend like you..

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  2. NETCOMICS Says:

    Dear Connie:

    We are interested in quoting your Land of Silver Rain review for the Vol. 6 cover art. Please contact us,
    and let us know your full name if you’d grant us the permission to use it. Thank you.


  3. Iluvatar Says:

    Uh…Nice autobiography.

  4. Connie Says:

    Uh, thanks?

  5. Mike Lee Says:

    Konnichiwa, donchaknow^_^ I find the reviews helpful, though am disappointed you’ve yet to do one of Love Com. It’s a pretty cool anime, imho, and the manga’s got equal potential for rocksomeness.

  6. Connie Says:

    Hmm, I haven’t done a review yet because I haven’t really decided if I want to read Love Com or not. Skip Beat’s in kind of the same boat. Both sound thoroughly awesome, but I read so much that if it isn’t the best thing I’ve ever read, it’s probably not going to get the praise it deserves from me. I’ll probably pick both of them up when I finish off some of my current long series like Cheeky Angel and Hana Kimi though. Thanks for the suggestion!

  7. jun Says:

    I’ve recently started Love*Com and like it quite a lot.

  8. Connie Says:

    I’m really torn between starting Love*Com and Beauty Pop right now. I have a feeling I might grab one or the other next time I see a sale on Viz stuff. Basara too. I really, REALLY need to read Basara.

  9. jun Says:

    Yes, you do! :)

    I also keep pondering starting Beauty Pop, but I’ve started a bunch of other things recently, and I don’t want to get inundated. Also, I’ve heard the series has finished and will ultimately have 10 volumes, so I might just wait until it’s all been released and read it then.

  10. Connie Says:

    Hm, 10 volumes? That’s not bad at all. Maybe I will pick that one up. I’ll probably do the same and wait until they’re all released (looks like 6 just came out) and then marathon the whole thing.

  11. appleftw Says:

    *throws hands up*
    i was just squealing and agreeing over your review on gerard&jacques because that’s basically what i thought (especially regarding the french revolution that i didn’t bother to read at all). oh, and violinist of hameln. if it’s not too late, don’t watch the anime D: it’s a slideshow with dialogue and some pretty music, and it’s unjustifiably angst-ridden and depressing from what i remember. the manga &ova/movie (forgot which), however, i recommend!

    one day when i’m not lazy i’ll sign up on wordpress and leave more decent comments.

  12. Connie Says:

    Unfortunately, it is too late to save me from the anime ^_^; I watched the movie and really liked it, but from there I watched about two episodes of the series before I just got too mad and quit. I wanted to like it, because I’d heard that it was darker than the manga, and I thought I could tolerate it’s legendary crappiness, but I just can’t. It really is best to stick to the manga.

  13. fluffymoochicken Says:

    Hiii! ^__^ Um, I just wanted to say I LOVE your reviews and opinions on manga; from the moment I saw your funny (and ultimately positive) reviews of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, I knew you were good. You also dislike the series “Bastard!!” for the same reasons I do, and hate the fact that Guts and Caska… yeah, you know. xP I had to ask myself while reading these, “Can her reviews be any more accurately matched up with my own opinions?” ^_^ It’s nice to see someone with such similar tastes, no?

    So yeah, I’ll be using your reviews to select what manga I should be reading from now on. =)

    P.S. – I wish you hadn’t put that huge Steel Ball Run spoiler in your review of Baoh. x__x I had to warn my friend not to read it just because of that factor. Still, knowing that little plot twist does make me respect the series even more so, at least. ^^

  14. Connie Says:

    Wow, thanks! It’s always nice to hear from people with tastes similar to mine. Especially someone who reads Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, that series isn’t nearly as popular as it should be.

    Sorry about the spoiler in Baoh, too ^_^; I should probably go ahead and mark that. I guess I wasn’t thinking about spoiling a different series when reviewing something else, but it seems like I would in that case since anyone reading Baoh would also be reading Jojo.

  15. mye Says:

    hi! I like your blog very much =D
    i would like to know if you have ever read Mars by Fuyumi Souryo, which is a very nice shoujo manga…
    thank you~

  16. Connie Says:

    I haven’t read Mars, unfortunately. I always wanted to read it, but I kept putting off buying the first few volumes, and now they’re out of print and hard to find. I’ve always heard it was pretty great, though.

  17. jun Says:

    I recently found a bunch of Mars volumes at You might have luck there.

  18. Connie Says:

    Hah, I keep forgetting about Book Closeouts, even though I’m slicing up boxes from their wholesale side as we speak. They had a really awesome sale recently that I forgot to take advantage of. They do have a lot of the early volumes of Mars in, I’ll have to order some next pay.

  19. moritheil Says:

    Interesting site. I see a lot of anime blogs, but not that many purely focused on manga.

  20. Connie Says:

    Thanks! I appreciate it. There are a handful of manga blogs out there, if you’re interested, most of the sites I link in my sidebar are mostly or entirely focused on manga.

  21. Great blog/site! Really glad I stumbled upon it. I look forward to working my way thru it.

  22. Connie Says:

    Thanks a lot! I appreciate it, I’m glad you enjoy the site.

  23. PrincessMoon Says:

    The Devil Does Exist, Fushigi Yugi, Ceres Celestial Legend, Mars, Kare First Love and Happy Hustle High are great shoujo manga you should checkout. I’ve read a lot of shoujo series and those are some of the best. I enjoy your reviews so I thought I’d recommend some series yo might enjoy. Ceres Celestial Legend and Fushigi Yugi are great romance/fantasy and Kare First Love, Mars and The Devil Does Exist are great romance/drama. Happy Hustle High is nice romance/comedy.

  24. Connie Says:

    Actually, The Devil Does Exist is one I keep meaning to pick up. I’ve got a few volumes of a series called Cipher I need to read, but I think I’ll start on TDDE as soon as I’m finished with that one. The art for that series kind of drew me in, the covers look incredibly cute.

    Happy Hustle High is by an author I like a lot, Rie Takada. I’m reading a series by her right now called Wild Act that I am enjoying immensely. I’ll probably pick up Happy Hustle High as soon as I’m finished with that one just because Wild Act is so good. I would recommend that one if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s pretty old, but still very good.

    I was also just discussing in another comment about how I was thinking about going back for the beginning of Fushigi Yugi. I didn’t like it when I read several volumes of it years ago, and I’m not a big Yuu Watase fan (I didn’t really like the little bit of Ceres I read either, I think her heroines were just rubbing me the wrong way), but I really liked what I tried of Genbu Kaiden, so I’m thinking of picking up the VizBig volumes of Fusigi Yugi and trying that series from the beginning.

    Mars and Kare First Love are also series I sort of passed on when they were coming out, but always wanted to read. I’ll go back and try them both out eventually, I keep hearing about how good they are. Mars in particular has always sounded very tempting.

    Thanks for the recommendations! I really appreciate it. It’s pretty easy to convince me to pick up a series, and since it’s come up a few times lately, I think I will pick up that first volume of Fushigi Yugi this weekend.

  25. Princess Says:

    Mars is a great mature romance series. It’s more realistic, relatable and mature than a lot of other shoujo manga. I really enjoy deep romance manga.

  26. Connie Says:

    I’ve been so, so tempted by it over the years. I’m positive I would love it, but I’m in the middle of so many shoujo series at the moment I’m afraid it would get lost in the shuffle if I tried it now. I’m waiting for just the right time to start it.

    I’ve thought about trying her other series, ES, because I’m pretty sure it won’t appeal to me the way Mars will… but that’s also why I haven’t started it yet, because I don’t think I’d like it as much.

  27. chichiriNoDa Says:

    Hi Connie!

    It maybe late but I just wanted to say that its nice meeting you.

    Like I’ve said most of your reviews are of great help. You say most of the things I think about series in your review. I find it very amusing, so I read some of your reviews here in there.

    Most notably your review about Basara are great, I do think its worth every penny too! I like Moon Child (but haven’t finish the series yet still on volume 10)..

    There are more series in your list that I’ve read like Marmalade Boy etc..

    I hope we’d get along! Its really nice that you reply to people who post comments on your reviews!

  28. chichiriNoDa Says:

    Oh and btw..

    I’m one of those people who sometimes gets carried away and can compose long comments. XD

    I also want to introduce myself..

    You can call me Chichiri, a character from Fushigi Yugi. I am a fan of Yuu Watase and I know most of her heroine are annoying but she do knows her comedic side.. I’m a male romance junkie, lol surprise? I love Kimi ni Todoke to death, at the moment. Well thats about it I guess. My first real name is on the e-mail address I provided when posting comments on your reviews.

  29. Connie Says:

    Thank you very much! It was nice of you to post an introduction, and I don’t mind long comments at all. I love getting them, just because it’s nice to know that people are reading and enjoying my reviews, and it only seems nice to take the time and respond back.

    I feel lucky I got to read Basara as quickly as I did, I think it would have been torture to have to wait for the bimonthly releases as it was coming out. I’m kind of glad I held off, even if it was a little bit of a pain tracking down those volumes. Basara just had absolutely everything I love in romance and fantasy stories in it.

    Moon Child is one of my favorites, too. It was just way too weird and surreal not to like, and the ending is pretty fantastic. That whole series will stay with me for quite some time.

  30. Roro Says:

    Hey Connie!

    I really love this website, it’s one of the most amusing things i’ve ever read! I could not stop laughing at your review for Prince of Tennis.

    Me, being a PoT fangirl, have never actually noticed how the plot is so predictable. I mean, I knew they would win every tournament, but it just seems so odd how i never really put much thought into it.

    Have you read Gintama? I tried looking for your review for that, but i couldn’t find one. You should definatly read it if you already haven’t.

    Keep up the updates!

  31. Connie Says:

    Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy the reviews!

    I haven’t read Gintama. I do have a couple volumes of it here though, so I’ll try it out next. Thanks for the recommendation!

  32. Moon in Autumn Says:

    Thank you for excellent and entertaining reviews! I just found your site tonight and spent way too much time on it. :)

    You mention Please Save My Earth, but I don’t see any reviews of it. Have you read it? What did you think?

    Since I see that you review quite a few CMX titles, I’m curious if you’ve read The Name of the Flower. I would dearly love to see someone’s thoughts on the first couple of volumes that are available.

    Thanks again for your enjoyable site and all your hard work.

  33. Connie Says:

    Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy my reviews. I appreciate all the comments you left, too.

    I haven’t yet read Please Save My Earth, but I do have several volumes of it now. I’m trying to finish up a couple other series before I start it, but I’ll probably read it within the next couple months. I’m very much looking forward to it.

    I have not read The Name of the Flower. It sounds really sweet, and I’ve never really disliked any of the shoujo series that CMX releases. I think I’m going to finish up a couple other CMX series (mostly Cipher and catch up with Venus in Love) before I start that one, though.

  34. melody Says:

    what manga would be good for a young teen and a 10 year old child.its for my sisters but i dont know wich ones would be good

  35. Connie Says:

    Hmm. Give me a little time to think about this. One of the things I should do a little more often is be aware of inappropriate content, but it’s happened before that titles I thought would be okay for younger readers have parts that make me cringe later on.

    I just read a fantasy title I liked a lot called “Tale of an Unknown Country.” It’s a pretty typical princess/prince-type story, but it was pretty cute and would be appropriate for a 10-year old. CMX publishes a few very kid-friendly titles. Another I can think of is “Kiichi and the Magic Books,” which is another fantasy series about a demon kid traveling with a man who has the power to bring illustrations in books to life. This has a higher rating early on, but the only reason I can think of for this is that it gets a little intense and people start to try and “sacrifice” the main character. I wound up liking this one a lot after reading a few volumes of it.

    I also really like teen-oriented Korean series. Without reading them with younger readers in mind, I hesitate to recommend them, but most of them are rated 13+ and tend to be a little less smutty than their Japanese counterparts. The ones I’m thinking of are all pretty typical romantic and contemporary find-a-boyfriend-type stories. “13th Boy” is a good one, I just read the second volume of that and can’t recall any truly inappropriate content. Other good ones that I don’t recall being naughty are “Bird Kiss,” “Very, Very Sweet” and “You’re So Cool,” but again, my memory isn’t the best for these things.

    What kind of comics were you looking for? I tend to like romance and fantasy, but there are plenty of other types. A lot of Shounen Jump comics can be safe for all ages, though sometimes they’ll throw an inappropriate curveball with innuendo or whatever. “One Piece” completely skips innuendo-based humor, as far as I can recall, and its violence is pretty silly and nobody is ever truly killed. It’s one of my favorite series of all time, an action/adventure about pirates.

    There’s actually a whole website for answering your question, however: Good Comics for Kids: – They’d be better than I at answering your question.

  36. chichiriNoDa Says:

    Replies to previous comments..

    Moon Child ah where do I begin! As I mentioned I haven’t completed the series yet, (though I have most of the volumes except for the last one). I think it was in your site that I had stumble a review about this particular series then when I checked the scans I was extremely confused..

    I mean the first volume was so weird! But yeah it was definitely a great series. I haven’t had the time to finish it up.. I like Jimmy she’s just so darn adorable. Art well his Art never hate him nor like him.. He’s just there. Lol I think I don’t like him that much haha No spoiler please as I am rooting for the other merman dude.. Forgot his name..

    Basara as I mentioned to my other post (sorry for commenting in random parts of your site), is definitely an epic series. Everything was well written the characters are well thought of and developed. Its such a masterpiece. Though to be honest I wasn’t really looking forward to it because it has a mediocre part but I’m glad I did continue to checking it out that I end up liking it better. Yumi Tamura is brilliant..

    On a side note Please Save My Earth is another old school series that share the same epic story as Moon Child and Basara. Hope you get into reading it soon..

    Oh and I really am dying to get a hold of Cipher and Venus in Love, though not very soon though.. I’ve checked scans of Venus in Love and enjoyed it unfortunately its only 4 chapters as the scanners dropped the series. Well I will definitely buy the series..

    I’m pretty sure you know about Red River just wanted to ask? It seems like its with the level of Basara, Moon Child Fushigi Yugi etc.. I just love 90’s or old school series. They tend to be great and have exciting plot..

    Later then..

  37. Connie Says:

    Haha, Moon Child was great! It gets better and better towards the end, though it goes strange places I wouldn’t have expected. The last volume is really wonderful, because there’s almost two different endings (if that’s not too much of a spoiler). I liked Art better than Shonach, but probably only because he was set up to be the main character at the beginning of the story. Shonach was definitely easier to like. I also really liked both of Jimmy’s brothers, they just had such great roles to play. That whole story was just great… but yes, really, really weird.

    I have volumes of both Red River and Please Save My Earth I need to read. I bought most of the volumes of Red River at the beginning of the year, and I think the only one I don’t have now is the very last volume. I’ll probably try and read the whole thing over my Christmas break. I’ve only got about half of Please Save My Earth, but I am going to start in the recommended spot, at volume 7 with the flashback. I think I’ve got volumes 7-13 and maybe the first couple, I want to try and track down the rest before I get started in case I really, really get into it and find myself wanting more right away.

    There’s a series I’ve tried to get into that I think Red River was inspired by called Ouke no Monshou, which is about a girl that gets cursed and sent back to ancient Egyptian times and gets tangled up with the pharoh and his family and whatnot. It started in the late 70s, so it has a really weird, retro style, and is still running in the same magazine to this day. It’s just behind Glass Mask in terms of length and popularity, I think, though I’ve heard that the newer volumes aren’t very good. I have the first volume in Japanese, but can’t follow it very well. There’s an English translation floating around, but it’s terrible, and I couldn’t follow it very well, either.

    I’m not sure why I randomly decided to talk about that. Anyway… Cipher and Venus in Love are both good, based on the little I’ve read of them. I do have four more volumes of Cipher I just got and need to read, so I’m excited about picking that back up. Venus in Love is a real sweet series, and it always improved my mood when I read it. I really want to read more to see where the story goes, but it’s hard for me to imagine it going on for twelve volumes.

  38. doe Says:

    :D stumbled upon your website while googling for series that are similar to immortal rain. :3 and it’s pleasant to go through the list and see a lot of the good but underrated/under-read series being featured! :DD

    i’m wondering whether you’ve read the following series though, since they’re not on your series list. (I’m from asia, so i’ve got a somewhat different pool of licensed manga… ) I

    slice of life shojo:
    cat street (8 volumes, completed. It’s a shorter work by the same mangaka as boys over flowers, and just as good, if not better.)
    tenshi nanka ja nai (I’m not an Angel) (8 volumes, completed. It’s a shorter work by the same mangaka of NANA, and possibly better.)

    old school shojo:
    anatolia story (28 volumes, completed.)

    typical (contemporary) shoujo but somehow different:
    dengeki daisy (3 volumes, ongoing.)

    typical (contemporary) shoujo:
    parfait tic (22 volumes, ongoing.)
    strobe edge (6 volumes, ongoing.)
    penguin revolution (7 volumes, completed. the ending is rather abrupt and it’s a sort of guilty pleasure the same way otomen is, except with better art.)
    aishiteruze baby (7 volumes, completed. for some reason, i see it as pretty classic (the same way peach girl/itazura na kiss and zettai kareshi type classic. Strange, considering that it’s not been made into a drama.)
    faster than a kiss (5 volumes, ongoing.)
    rockin heaven (8 volumes, completed.)
    special A (17 volumes, completed.)

    other series (shonen, comedy, supernatural etc.)
    sayonara zetsubou sensei (19 volumes, ongoing. the humor in this is awesome.)
    gintama (31 volumes, ongoing.)
    the world god only knows (6 volumes, ongoing.)
    rozen maiden (8 volumes, completed.)

    (i’m getting lazy to type the number of published volumes @@)
    rahxephon, FLCL, shaman king, liar game, samurai champloo, tora dora!, kare kano, gakuen alice… (eeps, the list goes on!)

  39. Connie Says:

    Ooh, quite a list! Thanks for the recommendations! I haven’t read any of those, but a few are in the queue.

    I just bought all the volumes of Anatolia Story, and I’ll be starting on it sometime soon (the English language version is called Red River). I also have a few volumes of Gintama that I want to try, though they’re just random, I don’t have any of the beginning of the series. I hope it’s easy to pick up.

    I’ve sort of been wavering over Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai, but many people have recommended it, and the same people do not like her other work, so I think that it really must be something special. I need to check it out.

    I wish Cat Street was licensed in English. I’ve heard a lot of good things about that one. I may pick it up in Japanese since it’s short and it sounds like a potential classic.

    Someone was just telling me about Dengeki Daisy. It sounds right up my alley. I’m just waiting for someone to license it for English release, it seems more or less inevitable.

    I’ve thought about trying out several from the contemporary shoujo list, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I have tried Special A, and I have a few volumes of it, but I picked up a middle volume and had trouble with the number of characters. I’m going to try again and keep reading, I’ve got several volumes of it now. Aishiteruze Baby sounds okay, and I always liked the covers to that series, I’ve almost picked it up a few times. Same with Penguin Revolution, which turned me off with the “auras” business in the volume one summary, but looks like it turns into a pretty cute story. And I would read Parfait Tic in a second if it was ever released in English, though I always shy away a little from the “cousins” storylines. I may pick a few volumes of that one up in Japanese, just because I’m sure I’d like it.

    I’m also sure I’d like Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei, I just haven’t picked up the first couple volumes of that one yet. I’m really curious about it, everyone always tells me how funny it is. The World God Only Knows sounds very interesting, too. I think that one will come out in English sometime soon too, and I’ll probably read it when it does.

    Thanks for taking the time to recommend all those series! I’m always curious about other things to pick up, and I’ve wound up completely addicted to more than one series that someone suggested in a comment. ^_^

  40. alain Says:

    Somewhere, somewhen you were disappointed you couldn’t ead comics in english by the french author Fabrice Neaud… Maybe you’ll be happy to see this… maybe you’ll tell about your friends about it… !

  41. Connie Says:

    Oh wow, thank so much for letting me know about that! That’s really exciting. I’m definitely going to post a link next time I do an update on my sidebar. I noticed just now that David Welsh has already covered it (I remembered reading his article about it), but yeah, I think the more people that see that, the better.

    Thanks again!

  42. Nicole Says:

    Hi, I don’t know if your manga tastes are more on the Josei/mature side, but I found the shōjo series Kodomo no omocha (by Miho Obana) to be pretty great. Just throwing a recommendation out there. ^^ The characters are young but the story is cute and developed well.

    Congrats on the milestone!

  43. Connie Says:

    Thanks a lot! I’m sorry, I’m not sure how I missed your comment before. I remember when Kodacha came out in English years ago, I think I forced myself to choose between it and Marmalade Boy. I chose Marmalade Boy, and never went back for Kodacha even though it looked really cute and crazy. I completely forgot about it, actually. I’ll have to see if I can dig up volumes of it somewhere.

  44. Suite Says:

    I saw you had reviews for some of Goong, and I just wondered if you had read any more of it yet. I’m currently watching the live-action drama, and it’s driving me crazy. I keep waiting for Chae to tell Shin to take a hike, but she hasn’t yet. I know the drama followed the manwha fairly closely, so I’m just wondering if/when it will happen. I can’t bear the uncertainty any longer.

    P.S. I know who Chae ends up with, I just want to get to the part where she really stands up for herself, and Shin actually learns how to express his feelings and not be a jerk.

  45. Connie Says:

    This comment was from a month ago, and I’m sorry for the late reply, but I just read a huge chunk of this series a few days ago and feel like talking about it. I read about 7 volumes, and am up to… volume 14, I think? Shin has stopped being a jerk at this point, but I’m still waiting for Chae-Kyung to stand up for herself a little more. She was just about to give up on Shin, but love kept her around, and him finally softening up pretty much meant she was staying.

    She still gets pushed around way too much for my liking, though. They keep talking about divorce, and the most recent plot development has about three different characters forcing her to divorce when she really doesn’t want to, and of course she uses the strategy of making Shin think she hates him rather than just telling him what’s wrong (admittedly, it’s not hard for her to pick something to hate him over, but it’s still driving me crazy).

    I watched the first few episodes of the drama a year or so ago, and really liked it. I need to rent the rest and check it out, because I’d love to see a resolution to the story in any form.

  46. Suite Says:

    Don’t feel bad. I probably should have commented on your last post about the manga, now that I think about it. Oh well.

    I’ve gotten over half way through the drama and the climax hasn’t happened yet, so I’m starting to get a little worried. I know they are going to end up together (I haven’t seen an Asian drama yet where the two main characters DIDN’T end up together.), but I’m waiting for her to finally stand up for herself and say ‘Enough is enough. You want me, you work for me.’ It’s comforting to know he eventually stops being a jerk though. I don’t think I could handle it if I knew he just never changed.

    You made a comment in your post about volume 7 that is right on the nose. This is one of those stories where if the characters sat down and had a serious conversation, their problems would be over. But no one ever actually says anything. It’s a conversation with no actual talking. AND IT’S DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!! Please forgive the all caps. I just need to vent my frustrations.

  47. Bulgakov Says:

    Hey Connie, could you upload Sons of Eve onto some scans site, like mangafox or mangarush? Seeing John Kennedy like that in one of Aoike Yasuko’s acid trips really hooked me. Anyway, I’ve always liked seeing her old comedic fluff. Could you upload this series onto mangafox? Many people would probably be thrilled to see this. I would have done it myself, if I had access to this series. You needn’t translate. Seeing more pages of this stuff is enough.

  48. heymanga Says:

    Hello hello!

    I’m trying to do some of the similar stuff that you’ve been doing, although unfortunately just started, haha.

    But…jesus, what a precedent to follow. I guess I’ve read a lot of the same mangas you have?

  49. Connie Says:

    Haha, thanks! And I’m always happy to read new manga blogs. It’s always fun reading so many different perspectives on different series, especially in an informal blog setting. Good luck!

  50. […] – Slightly Biased Manga […]

  51. ConnieC Says:

    i love your blog and i love that you’re a Connie C. because so am i :’)

  52. Tina Says:

    While a tiny minority of comment spam is manually entered, the
    majority of it is automated, posted by applications
    that search the web for places to post their spam-laced comments.
    Confidence followed up with indifference, sprinkled with a little bit of mystery,
    intrigue and excitement is what attracts most women to start.

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