Ruler of the Land 1

July 21, 2004

Oh man, this one’s MESSED UP. All the ads for it made it sound like one of those epic adventures that I don’t really care for but still respect all the same. You know, stuff like Blade of the Immortal, Vagabond, Lone Wolf and Cub, things like that. Uh.

Apparently the main character’s some sort of legendary pervert. And when I say legendary pervert, I mean he’s a badass, but everything that comes out of his mouth concerns women and how he wants to have sex with them. The manga’s sort of intolerable until you find out he’s a badass, and right at that moment, it gets interesting. It tries to be both funny and epic, which really really doesn’t work. You either have to have more than one funny character, or you have to have a completely serious plot, it doesn’t work with a goofy character in the universe of fire and brimstone. Even worse, the jokes made me wanna stab out my eyes, they were corny and not funny at all. But like I said, by the end I was fairly interested and thinking about the second volume. Maybe not interested to shell out for the whole 22 or so volumes, but interested enough. Can’t even think of any plot specifics really… there was lots of swordfighting and a mysterious connection between the pervert and “the ruler of the land.” At this point, the characters are protecting a legendary sword and working their way to the aforementioned ruler.

Like I said, the plot didn’t interest me, but the characters were enough. Not only was the main character a complete pervert, but the secondary character was a crossdresser. Mmm, genderbending.

One other thing that bothered me… all internal monologue not in bubbles was kept in Korean, with an English translation beside it. This might be for authenticity’s sake, but just looks lazy. Edit the panels.

6 Responses to “Ruler of the Land 1”

  1. HM{SG} Says:

    wow! impressive, please do not read the book. because i bought 40 volumes of it and it rox my soxx! u judged the book to early thats what i could say. stupid noob =p!

  2. Connie Says:

    Wow, I had totally forgotten about this series. I had no idea it was so long, I just know no more has come out in English. I think three volumes came out, but when I found out it was cancelled in English, I figured there was no reason to go after the other two volumes and never got past volume one. I’ll take your word on its quality.

  3. Gwntd Says:

    God this series is awesome. The first volume is only and introduction to a major story. What a dumbass judging a series based only on the first volume. This story develops so well and its art improves greatly throught the series. The jokes always kept me laughing, is a fun series to watch!

  4. Connie Says:

    Is this entry linked to some “Ruler of the Land” fansite? How is there more than one person that came here and didn’t look at the rest of the site? I wrote this review almost five years ago. How else was I supposed to judge the series when I read it if there was only one volume available? There’s still only three volumes out in English right now, so there’s still not much for me to judge.

  5. Heart of Stone Says:

    Yes, it may have been too early to past a judgement at that time, especially only reading the 1st volume when it was only available then.

    Yes, the main character is a natural “badass” pervert, but I rather have him drooling over the opposite sex than the same sex (not that I have a problem with homosexual). The jokes may be corny or unappealing to you because this series was originally written for the Asian audience and reader whom would understand the crude humor.

    As for the cross dresser, back in ancient Asia, traditional women of nobility or upper class tends to disguise themselvs as the opposite sex to avoid any confrontation, identity, or harrasment. There are plenty of stories revolving this…a good example is Mulan. I think if most of us would know and understand more of the Asian culture, we would probably enjoy and/or appreciate these books more.

    Obiviously they did series right because, this 42 vol series became a hughe success in Asia and was considered to be one of the most highest selling series that came out and later a massive online game was created. To bad us Americans didn’t appreciate enough to buy them, and it was probably that reason why the stop publishing them in English at vol 3.

    And no, these entry are not linked to a Fan Site. I doubt one even for the manga exist, but that would be cool if there is one.

    Thanks for your opinion and thanks for letting me share mine.

  6. Connie Says:

    Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it.

    I pass “judgement” on every volume of a series as soon as I read it, be it the first or the twentieth, whatever. If I don’t like the first volume of a series, I say something, because I can’t think of what else I would say in a review other than to discuss why I didn’t like it. I also feel like I should mention that I posted this initially to a non-public blog and used it as a reference for myself to a more fair and balanced review I wrote for another site. The non-public blog evolved into this site, but I kept all the older entries without posting the full reviews that they turned into later.

    I should also mention that this series isn’t something I would normally buy and not the type of story I like, this was a review copy from the publisher. They never sent me the other two volumes, and I didn’t buy them because I didn’t like volume one.

    I also think bad jokes are bad jokes regardless of culture, but I’m willing to bet they either get better or less frequent as the series goes on. There’s lots of series that have really misplaced comedy in the first few volumes that mellow out later. And I know about the crossdressing disguises too, there are plenty of examples of that on other series I talk about on this very site. If it’s used in a serious context, it’s probably because the character is trying to escape their gender role, especially if it’s a female-to-male disguise. If it’s a comedy series, it’s probably for laughs or whatever.

    I have no doubt that the series improves immensely after volume one if it ran to 42 volumes. I read a lot of series that have a really terrible first volume and get much better, and on the flipside, I read a lot of series with excellent first volumes that get really bad. I always read more than one volume of a series if it’s available, but again, this one was a review copy, I wasn’t sent any other volumes, and I didn’t see the point of buying two more volumes of what was going to be a much longer story that I was never going to be able to read.

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