Princess Ai 1

July 24, 2004

Hello, Princess Ai. You should meet my friend subtlety, get to be good friends. He could really turn you into something great.

I couldn’t help myself, I had to get this. I wanted to witness how bad it was for myself… after all, it’s about an alien princess named Ai, from a place called Ai-land, and it was created by Courtney Love. That’s just… no.

It’s not as bad as I had hoped. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that the princess is a freeloader and lives on the street, so she has to confront the reality of money, job, figuring out what’s going on, stuff like that. The fact she’s got no idea what she’s supposed to be doing on Earth and has nothing to help her makes it far more interesting than what its stereotypes make it out to be. Ai isn’t necessarily a bad character herself… her attitude is in turns amusing and highly annoying and expected. Working at a strip club and refusing to strip is also very amusing. The artwork, save for the faces, is also really good.

But there are a lot of bad things too. The number of times Ai’s mission was brought up just absolutely ruined it for me. I can be expected to remember this, and reflect for myself how it affects events and that Ai’s thinking about it without having it thrown into my face every two pages. The guy she was hanging out with in the beginning was also given absolutely no personality, and just kind of appeared when necessary and acted how expected, not the huge part of Ai’s life he should’ve been. There was a number of cliches as well, Ai being a princess, sticking out like a sore thumb, being able to sing, parts of her personality, a lot of the characters, and lots of others.

Oh, and she sprouts a pair of wings at the end of the last chapter. And WHAT WERE THOSE CLOTHES DOING IN THE ROOMMATE’S CLOSET?! I mean, yeah, maybe he’s a drag queen, but those were still way too convienient.

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