Flowers and Bees 3

August 20, 2004

I dry up without my smutty Moyoko Anno fix. Since it seems that Happy Mania is just to porny for bookstores around here, I must scratch this itch with Flowers and Bees. It’s slightly more coherent, but there’s not nearly as much sex.

Actually, this review’s a bit spoilerish, but more for hints than actually spelling out what happens, so you’ll still be surprised when you read it.

I started with the first volume passing this off as more over-the-top Anno stuff. I actually don’t like that about her series, but buried underneath their annoying exteriors beat the hearts of great stories. You have to dig deep with Happy Mania, and I will admit it’s an acquired taste, but Flowers and Bees comes out much earlier. Unfortunately I don’t remember the character’s names, but they’re still great.

The main character really mellows out in this volume, which is a huge plus. He’s still in a competition with his heinously ugly best friend to see who can score first, and said ugly best friend seems blind to the fact that he’s hideous and a cocky bastard. They both compete in a modeling contest, where the main character wears a sweater hand embroidered by his mother with his name, Masa-O, on it. Aww. The amusing devil sister stylists actually kind of fade out… which is unfortunate, because they are my favorites.

And much to my surprise, there is sex! Masao scores with an older woman! Hooray for sex!

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