Magic Knight Rayearth 1

August 22, 2004

This was literally one of the first “Mixx” manga ever published. Thus, it really hurts to read, as ancient titles from any company are (see also: Urusei Yatsura Perfect Collection, 1-555-Goddess, Futaba-kun Change 1). For me, this series really HURTS. I saw the anime before the manga, and it’s so repetitive. Yes, it’s got a good story, but it’s buried under all the crap. Having been clean of both the manga and anime version for two years, I went back to read the manga.

Oh, SO MUCH BETTER without all the anime associations! I still have a bad taste in my mouth from the anime, but it doesn’t haunt the story like it used to, and thus you have a wonderful volume of manga. There are so many cute scenes that I can’t believe I forgot. Not even anything in particular, just cute faces or poses Fuu and Hikaru strike from time to time. It ran in Nakayoshi, which means it’s got the cuteness overload for all the younger girls. If done right, I’m a sucker for that sort of thing. It’s still a little repetitive, as characters tend to mimic each other from time to time, but nothing like the anime. My favorite part is Mokona’s first appearance, as I was always a sucker for the little thing. At the end of MKRII, it did something that caused me nightmares for a long time afterward, an element that’s carried over in Tsubasa, and it makes Mokona one of my favorite characters EVER.

They reprinted this, and for all intents and purposes, the first editions should probably be burned. You learn by trial and error. I love Tokyopop sure enough, but the slang, the pop culture references, the spelling and grammar errors, incorrect character and place names… ugh. The new edition is, I assume, free of all this since they went back through it, and is also cheaper. By all means get it, because this is a wonderful story.

3 Responses to “Magic Knight Rayearth 1”

  1. Pirkaf Says:

    So I finally got to reading the first volume of this series and I’m glad I did. So far I like it more than RG Veda or X/1999. Maybe even a bit more than CCS. But not as much as Chobits or xxxholic. I also heard many praises for the anime version but I did not see it and after reading your commentary I’m glad I didn’t. CCS manga was also a bit ruined for me because of anime. Sure, it’s not the best manga ever, not even the best from CLAMP but it is an enjoyable fantasy story with some great and even philosophic ideas like controling our surrounding with our thoughts and will. For this I really praise CLAMP. I hope they will reprint the first volume of the second series because I wasn’t successful in bying that one.

  2. Connie Says:

    It’s interesting that the CCS anime had the same effect on you. CCS is probably my favorite of CLAMP’s series, though if XxXholic has a really good ending I’ll probably rank that one above it.

    I think the only animated version of CLAMP’s works I wound up liking was the X television series. I haven’t watched Tsubasa or CCS, but I can only imagine the amount of filler that must take up both shows. X has a bit more plot to fill the time. Of course, I also haven’t seen Chobits, so maybe that one is good as well, and I’ve heard that Angelic Layer is actually much better as an anime. I ought to see if I can get ahold of that one and watch it.

  3. Pirkaf Says:

    Oh, Chobits anime is bad, very very bad, I watched half a series and never more! I did not see Angelic Layer or Tsubasa or any other CLAMPish anime besides CCS.

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