Flowers and Bees 6

February 27, 2005

Moyoko Anno is my sex fix. Maya Shinju would probably do just as well, but I don’t know if she’s quite as filthy as Ms. Anno, and I need that. I was afraid that after Happy Mania ended, this series wouldn’t be able to satisfy my smut quota that can only be filled by Moyoko Anno. I’m big enough to admit that’s largely the reason I bought Happy Mania, though that series did pay off in the end. Flowers and Bees isn’t nearly as smutty, but what it lacks in sex it makes up for in lewd sexual humor, which also works just fine.

This volume is great for a number of reasons, and the paramount one is that it is one that’s nice to Masao. This series started off shaky because it beat up Komatsu, who was trying so hard to fit in. The volume where Komatsu winds up winning out over a bunch of good-looking guys was the first one that made me think this series has potential. It does stupid things like make Masao work at a construction site, but then it recovers so well. This volume turns the series almost into a “what not to do to land a girlfriend” comedy to a romantic comedy. The shift is nice. It’s nice to see Masao worrying about these things rather than what he looks like. I’m very glad the series moved away from that… while it was very funny at first, it was admittedly shallow, and it made me feel bad for enjoying it.

But yes… civility and score-age for Komatsu all around. Plus more dick jokes than you can shake a stick at. Masao really is a nice guy underneath that panicky facade, the series just doesn’t want you to know that until it reveals it to you just now.

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