Phoenix 5

March 16, 2005

I’m completely stalling on reading my new volumes of manga because I want to write a few reviews on some before I move on to others, but it takes me so long to write a full review ;_; Phoenix is okay to read though, since no review I write will do it justice I’m not even going to try. Everybody, just go out and buy it. Right now.

Five’s still good. Another space volume… which is okay. This is probably my least favorite so far, but it was still very good. It did interesting things with the narrative timeframe. Like the Phoenix series itself, it took from the beginning of the main character’s new life to the end of most of the Robita’s lives and alternated them until they met in the middle, more or less.

There were some other very clever things as well. My favorite thing in the volume was that at the beginning, after the main character was rebuilt with a mostly synthetic brain, he could no longer view organic objects properly and only synthetic items and images looked good to him. This not only makes a lot of sense, but is indeed quite clever… as is the immortality aspect as it comes into play here.

Also good was the Chihiro-bot. I generally don’t like any robots or their designs, but I like both the Chihiro-bot human and robot appearance.

One Response to “Phoenix 5”

  1. Pirkaf Says:

    I agree with you. Also probably my least favourite so far. Still very good, of course, but the story did not catch my attention that much.

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