X 15

April 6, 2005

I haven’t bought any X since the summer, and I’m about two volumes behind until May, when the last one available comes out. The news that CLAMP made an announcement that they would eventually finish X gave me the will to buy the next volume in English :p edit: it’s been two, almost three years since this post.  I would like to see the ending while I’m alive, please. edit edit: okay, three more years and still no word. I NEED MY X.

This series was not high on my priority list since I’ve already read all this as it was coming out in Asuka. I had forgotten the reason I probably didn’t have the motivation to get the next volume is because volume 15 isn’t that exciting. There’s lots of exposition, and Nekoi is reunited with everybody (not really a spoiler, she just comes back home from the hospital basically… or IS it a spoiler?), and there’s a wee bit of action, but nothing really HAPPENS. Certain events surrounding Kakyou might be good if you’re reading it the first time around, though (VERY good, in fact… especially if you like Tokyo Babylon), and I still like the whole situation with Hinoto, but on the whole, this volume wasn’t nearly as satisfying as the ones that came before it, and quite frankly, the best volume of the series comes after it.

X 15, you suck. I need to buy X 16 while everything’s still on sale!

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