Saikano 4

April 13, 2005

I can not believe I haven’t written about this series here yet. It’s easily one of the better ones I’m reading now. One of those things that’s good for people who collect manga, so you should buy it.

I was reading some stuff at “The Trash” (go to the links section, don’t wanna hotlink too much in this log), and she was talking about how the Japanese prefered their series more “wet,” or with more emotional representation… the characters constantly talking about how they feel. Well, this series is SOAKED. This volume is largely just the characters talking about how they feel. Shuji, Chise, Akemi, and Atsushi. There’s a big event that happens, and they get into some more detail on the SDF, but mostly it’s just about those characters, their feelings, and their emotions. That can be said of the whole series, really, but this volume more than most has more talking and less action. Normally I’d be extremely put off by a pack of whiney bitches like that, but in this series, I adore it. With the exception of Shuji, who gets the majority of the focus and thus we hear a lot from him that begins to get on my nerves, I LOVED hearing from all the characters.

And I don’t wanna say nothing happened plot-wise. Action-wise, there was only one major event. Plot-wise, a lot of stuff happened, and one thing notably didn’t happen that had me aching through the whole volume because I thought it was gonna.

Yes. Buy Saikano. Do me a favor, and do it for the kittens who need the milk.

4 Responses to “Saikano 4”

  1. Pirkaf Says:

    Yup. I bought all volumes at once at justmanga some time ago. I’m glad I did. Saikano is a great manga.

  2. Connie Says:

    It seems like it sort of fell into obscurity, I think as soon as the last volume came out people stopped talking about it. It’s a really good series, and definitely an older one people should go back to.

  3. J Says:

    Yes, I miss this series so much! I bought used volumes and I have been really wanting to buying all the volumes again shrinkwrapped and new! It’s so sad, its limited in stock >_<" I was wondering to get it from but it says its on order from manufactuer, which means it takes forever for them to ship, I guess?

  4. Connie Says:

    It might take a few weeks to get back in stock, but it’s a good sign that they still have it listed on their website, since I suspect that the series will be out of print before too long. You might want to try to put in orders for volumes, but given the fact I almost never hear people talking about the series, it’s probably still got a couple/several months of life left at any online store that carries its volumes. has all but volumes 4 and 7 in stock, and they usually ship their books wrapped in plastic. Not shrinkwrapped, but taped up in the type of sleeve you would get a floppy comic in. And they also usually ship special transparent book covers for each book in your order. They are unique, to be sure, but I don’t use them since they are usually a little loose on the books.

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