Prince of Tennis 5

May 2, 2005

More tennis. The end of District Prelims. Guess who gets to play singles in the deciding match? Guess who wins in an overly dramatic, drawn-out fashion? We also get a glimpse of Rikkai Dai, who I like a lot. And there’s also a chapter about Ryoma’s father, who is also one of the most awesome characters in the series. I LOVE him, and this is all I know about him.

I like how this volume ends a lot (in the main story, not with the PoT pilot), and admittedly, the Tezuka/Ryoma thing was one of my favorite things about the earlier parts of the series… but specifically the resolution, which doesn’t come until next volume, in a matter of speaking… unless I remember incorrectly.

Admittedly I liked this volume a lot more than the last. I’ve read a huge chunk of this series before… but I honestly can’t remember liking at least the earlier parts of the series very well. It gets silly and more serious in spades later on, with Bowling no Oujisama being one of its finer moments, but perhaps the earlier volumes just take awhile to establish the characters. I LIKE them, but I still think they’re somewhat flat outside a tennis context, and I still think there’s a lot of tennis compared to other sports series (Eyeshield 21 or Hikaru no Go being my other references). But he does throw in non-tennis chapters every now and again… there’s a couple in this chapter, one of the boys celebrating that’s pretty good and the one about Ryoma’s father (which they still manage to squeeze tennis into, but it’s pretty one-sided).

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