Flowers and Bees 7

May 27, 2005

I lost my internet connection and SBC is being stupid about hooking me up. Since my computer is the only one I can log onto my manga journal-thingy with, have to keep them here on my backup blog until I can import them. Such a pain in the ass.

I also have to remember what the hell I’ve read recently, and this stuck around in my memory because it was the end of one of my favorite series as of late, and also because it was good. It wraps up with a nice moral, though I thought in a somewhat frustrating way… Komatsu and Sakura clearly still love each other, yet they are destined to be too shy and stupid to admit it. Sad.

The epilogue was a nice touch. The reappearance of Yamada was especially good, whether that was in the last chapter or the epilogue. What a pimp. There was some other girl that Masao was trying to console that seemed to know him and was a prostitute of some kind… but I couldn’t remember who she was for the life of me. I’m currently rereading the series though, so hopefully it will become more clear.

And that epilogue, let me say again, was surprisingly warm and fuzzy for this series. They turned out as real people, with real people problems as adults, and that’s always nice to see… closure. And love at first sight, which is trite but I still enjoy. Shut up.

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