Full Moon 1

July 22, 2005

So the blogging script on my site broke… back to this until I can reinstall it, which blows. I don’t want to forget which manga I read though, because that would be tragic. Plus I’ll forget unless I jot something down.

This was every bit as good both as I remembered and I expected. Meroko calling Mitsuki flatty titties or whatever was just a bonus. This was every bit as sad and achingly cute as I remember it. It is ADORABLE. And SAD. For instance, there’s two people who transform into cute stuffed animals! Whoops… they committed suicide when they were alive. Ooh! There’s Mitsuki living out her dream! Oops… she has throat cancer and will die in a year.

The one thing I am interested in (other than everything about the series) is the ending. Which I shouldn’t talk about right now.

Meroko was very adorable, and probably my favorite part of the manga at this point. She can be really annoying, but she’s so adorable, and she has such good intentions… and really, she seems to be the most knowledgable and down-to-earth character in the series when things get tight. And I do really like her. She’s a bunny, for god’s sake. Mitsuki’s a bit too annoying and upbeat, but I can deal with that, as it is probably the only thing I can think of that’s even remotely displeasing about the series.

No, I take that back. The TRIM SIZE is extremely annoying in this volume. Goddamn.

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