Sugar Sugar Rune 1

October 6, 2005

“Hmm… a new Anno title! Hooray! More sex!”

“What the HELL?! Witches…? But… there’s no sex here…” *cries*

Which is true. I’m out of promiscuous titles to read, and Anno does not deliver. What she does deliver, however, is just as good. This is one of the absolute CUTEST titles I’ve ever read, and it’s got a really good plot. The characters are lacking at this point (they’re following magical girl stereotypes at this point), but it has an inventive enough plot about the two witch girls being sent to the human world to collect hearts to become witches and eventually the Queen that I forgive it. It’s got a bunch of little devices and quirks that I love. I love the fact that the confident Chocolat is bad at it, and I like that she falls in love with the boys instead of the other way around. I feel for the kid. It seemed like a really long volume too. The story in each chapter was deep and involved enough that I got pretty caught up and it made the chapters read slower as a result, something I really enjoyed. I’m sad the next volume isn’t coming out until next year.

Notably, I read two series that both starred Chocolate in some respect… this and Sorcerer Hunters. How neat.

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