Princess Ai 3

February 8, 2006

So, winding up another series, hooray! This one wasn’t particularly good. That’s a lie… I know it wasn’t very good, but it was addictive. The final chapters actually had a great deal of tragedy, surprisingly, and the ending was terrible in that you thought everything was going to work out okay, then the characters themselves decide to screw it up. Stupid, stupid, stupid. The volume was actually mostly one big concert, and there’s lots of songs to be had for those who liked that. I began having trouble keeping the characters straight here… but I didn’t read any of the intro, and it’d been July since I read the last volume, and I’m not a big fan to begin with, so that may explain that. All three Furie sisters return, which is nice, because they have very different personalities…

Ah, the end sucked so bad though. Not only did it mess up the character relationships, it didn’t really resolve the plot in Ai-land, either. It also created more questions instead of providing answers. All in all a below average series with a lot of publisher support… maybe good for shoujo fans, but made me very mad while being sort of addictive. Maybe I’m just a sucker for the idol singers. The magic was lost in this volume, though.

2 Responses to “Princess Ai 3”

  1. Romanticide Says:

    I haven’t read this volume yet but I became really disapointed with the series. Ai is too much of a Mary Sue to my taste, in volume one she was kind of tolerable but volume 2 just overblew it.
    I think the results would have been more awesome if the character actually kind of resembled Courtney Love, I have always dreamed of seeing a Magical Girl story where the protagonist cusses, drinks booze until she faints and sudendly.. bam!! She has to save the world. Oh Wait that already exists… is called the Pro… damn.

  2. Connie Says:

    The Mary Sue thing was waaay overdone in this series. I went into it knowing that, but it was weird that this was an idea that Tokyopop decided to go with as one of their flagship series. I’m actually kind of surprised I was so kind to it when I wrote this entry, because I don’t remember liking it that much.

    I agree with you about the alternate take on the Magical Girl genre, though. I would love to see that.

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