One Thousand and One Nights 1

February 12, 2006

This was the clear choice for me when trying to decide which of the Ice Kunion titles I would like to purchase. I’m not reading anything Korean at the moment, and I love folk tale-kinda things like this (not that Arabian Nights is necessarily folk tales, but I group it in the same category). I was a bit sad when I found out that they print their volumes in a very large size, happy when I found the color pages, then sad again when the story didn’t make sense.

It’s not so much that it doesn’t make sense, but the beginning jumps around in the timeline a lot, and I was completely disgusted until the actual Arabian Nights story was well underway. I actually did hesitate because I was afraid it would turn into a shameless yaoi plot the way Eerie Queerie did, but at this point it’s relatively solid as far as that goes and not too much yaoi, but you could certainly read that in if you wanted. I also hate the art style (it’s got really heavy eyes), and the framing device is pretty loose and nonsensical, but like I said, the Arabian Nights story is pretty solid, so that’s enough for me to get the next volume.

Pretty below average overall, though. Not so much the “swap-Sherazade-for-a-man” story I was hoping for.

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