Sugar Sugar Rune 2

May 1, 2006

I don’t know… there’s a lot going on in this series, and the serious parts make me squirm (particularly when Chocolate and Vanilla start to fight, and THE ENDING), but I love the lighthearted feel, and there’s a part where Chocolate… er, goes off by herself for awhile that was absolutely amazing. I loved seeing that side of her and what made her a strong girl. I sort of wish this was aimed more at me than at little girls, because then the characters would be older and I wouldn’t feel so bad reading it. There’s a whole bunch more magic gizmos introduced as well as some more background of the magic world, and all that’s welcome stuff. I’m so sad I have to wait so long between volumes, because I absolutely adore the story here.

The art’s quite good too. I love Moyoko Anno, and it’s so hard to believe she drew this. While it is certainly distinctly her, it’s also quite ornate and fancy, much better than fucking Happy Mania and even the tail end of Flowers and Bees. I still have some trouble figuring out how to read some of her panels, but otherwise I adore her. More, please.

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