Phoenix 6

May 27, 2006

Man! When was the last time I got a volume of Phoenix?! Feels like more than a year ago.

This series is still excellent in every way imaginable. I was sort of disappointed that after waiting so long it was going to be a future volume, but that disappointment quickly disappeared. It reads like both a past and a future volume, and is right up there with Karma as the best volume I’ve read so far. The incest thing was intriguing to me, but could easily drive others off. We also get the reintroduction of elements such as Moopies and the Chihiro-bot, and the Phoenix plays a pretty active role. The ending is so terribly sad, even for a volume of Phoenix. I don’t know.

Again, it’s hard for me to talk about these. They’re good in just about every way. I think most people should read them.

2 Responses to “Phoenix 6”

  1. Pirkaf Says:

    The most weird story from Tezuka sensei I’ve read so far. But also very imaginative and, of course, masterfully written and drawn.

  2. Connie Says:

    This one was one of my favorites even after finishing the series. I still think Karma is the best, but I think this one was my favorite story-wise. It’s the one I remember most fondly, anyway.

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