Land of Silver Rain 1

July 4, 2006

OH SO GOOD! I think I needed a good new shoujo fantasy title, and I got it. I got it HARD with this one. I was so surprised by how good this turned out to be, and now I’m waiting for volume two to surface someplace in the city. I’ll probably just wind up ordering it somewhere. Long story short, I wanted to try a Netcomics series, but after being shafted with manhwa by the newcomer ICE Kunion (still waiting for 1001 Nights 2) and after being left with only three volumes of the Junji Ito Horror Comic collection from online manga publisher Comics One, I was leery of manhwa published online by a new publisher. After seeing that volume twos were coming out in paperback form, I dove into volume one of this series. Originally I was going to try Pine Kiss, but I’m reading too much pure shoujo lately, and this one had such a pretty cover.

I was not disappointed. Between this and +Anima, I’ve been quite pleased with new fantasy series lately, and am thinking perhaps I should delve deeper into the genre. This one had both fantasy and shoujo romance and drama, so I was definitely a happy camper.

A girl named Misty Rain lives with the dokebi demons in their fantasy world. She lives with the two-horn dokebi, while the one-horn unicorn dokebi live elsewhere. Misty Rain is raised by her grandma, and she acquires a rival at a very young age named Thornpricker. Thornpricker and Misty Rain grow up hating each other, and much of Thornpricker’s mistrust lies in the fact that she suspects Misty Rain is a forbidden human and not a real dokebi. Thornpricker also is jealous of the fact that Misty Rain is a favorite of the ruler, The Great King of Darkness. Misty Rain is accused of a high crime and during her term of imprisonment, the prince of the unicorn dokebi begins falling in love with her… while Thornpricker begins falling in love with the prince, named Sirius.

It’s awesome, I promise. My only worry is that it goes down to the land of the humans next volume, and some of the next volume descriptions make it sound like it will turn into some sort of high school drama. More magic stuff, please.

5 Responses to “Land of Silver Rain 1”

  1. Christine Says:

    I really…really…really love this manga alot. At first I was irritated at how the characters are drawn maybe because I’m picky, but after I got over it I really enjoyed the story line. My favorite person so far is the King of Darkness! I LOVE him like a fan girl loves her favorite idol. Haha. That unicorn prince for some reason bugs me a little. But the person I can not stand the most is Thornpricker. Somehow I wanted to believe that later on she would become friends with Misty Rain but it looks like she hasn’t. I think I wished this because this is how many manga’s are. At first two girls don’t like it each other and you find out that they really wanted to be each other’s friend. So I guess that was knew and refreshing that it didn’t go with the ‘norm’

    Well anyway, I really like this story line.

  2. Connie Says:

    I’m glad someone else is reading this. It still has one of the best volume 1’s I’ve ever read, and the ending is good, too. The middle part though is… hm.

  3. Pirkaf Says:

    Sweet fantasy story with gorgeous art? Count me in! I only wish those pages that were supposed to be in color were actually in color.. that would be a real bliss.. but we can’t have everything. I’m enjoying this manhwa much more than Mira Lee’s another series, Operation Liberate Men.

  4. Connie Says:

    In volume one, the color pages are in color, and they’re absolutely gorgeous. It makes it that much harder when you see them in black and white in the other volumes, because the color artwork is just SO GOOD. I’m glad we did get to see them in that first volume, though.

  5. Pirkaf Says:

    Hmmm, in my Volume 1, there’s only cover in color.. strange.. :-(

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