Boy Princess 1

July 11, 2006

I wanted another series to read from Netcomics after liking Land of Silver Rain so much (the logic behind that is a little flawed, but Silver Rain DID have a ton of color pages too). After reading through plot summaries for various candidates, this one and Not So Bad were the only two that struck me, and Boy Princess was the clear winner, as a gender swap will win me over in any situation, and I could use some understated fantasy shounen ai right about now.

Oh, it’s not very good though. I bought volume one and two at the same time, and it does get better in the second volume, but it is SO HARD TO FOLLOW. The character designs look so much the same. Every character who is not the dominant male or his sister looks exactly alike. Even the sister looks like all the other females when she has her head covered. Jesus Christ. Also, it’s not always clear who’s talking, and sometimes I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to think or know it’s a new character doing so action. But you don’t. You fucking don’t, and it makes me cry because I want this series to be good so much.

The plot’s the kinda stuff I like. Boy’s sister who was promised to manly prince runs away, girly boy is forced to wed in her place since he’s the youngest prince, he starts to fall for manly prince he weds, manly prince falls for him…? Good stuff, I’m hoping it will pull itself up.

3 Responses to “Boy Princess 1”

  1. Christine Says:

    Confusing…Very…confusing.. I think the only thing I get is that a prince is taking the place of his sister and married a guy. The other stuff is a blur. Like the whole thing with the prince getting poisoned, how and when did that happen? Then I’m still confused if the girl the ‘boy princess’ taught to handle a sword is the prince’s sister. And I don’t get the main lady with the somewhat nasty attitude (the main one out of that group of ladies who talk together about nothing.)Everything is somewhat going over my head and I’m just as lost as can be..but I guess I’ll keep reading to see what else happens.

    Oh and I agree with you and the character designs…They mostly all look alike to me except for the prince the “boy princess” is married to. Everyone else looks alike..even the “boy princess himself”. With his wig on, he looks like that ‘apothecary’ person. >.<

  2. Pirkaf Says:

    While it is true that the characters are sometimes hard to follow, I did not have any serious problems during the story. The only problem for me is that I do not exactly like that men kissing one another stuff. But I’m clearly not a target audience for this series so I must live with that. And surprisingly I can, at least so far. Sweet fantasy story it is indeed. I only hope the relations would eventually become more inter-gender.. but it probably will not happen. I don’t know if I can get past volume 2 in that case..

  3. Connie Says:

    The relationships swap in and out. The main couple is always there, but they go through their rough patches and the focus shifts to other characters. I did like the variety of couples in the series, but one couple in particular… not only could I not tell consistently who the partner was supposed to be, I could not tell whether this person was male, female, or two different people, one of each. In the end, I think the person’s gender was left ambiguous for story reasons, and the reasons sort of form a big part of the plot… but still.

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