Land of Silver Rain 2

August 16, 2006

I still really, really, really love this series. This volume is mostly exposition, and I actually liked it a lot better in the Dokebi realm than in with the humans, and I STILL really like this series.

I hated that Misty-Rain wound up with a really bratty stereotype, but I forgive the series that and am waiting paitiently for the prince to come and rescue her and take her back to the awesome fantasy realm. What else… another flaw that I forgave was the overuse of amnesia, and a few other really convenient elements in the land of humans. But again, I’m willing to begrudge the series that.

One thing I really liked was the expulsion scene at the beginning. That was quite heartbreaking on both sides of the kingdom. That scene alone made me slide complacently through the human world stuff.


6 Responses to “Land of Silver Rain 2”

  1. Christine Says:

    I think that the King of darkness and Misty Rain fit a perfect father daughter role. But, It was kind of sad how they ended up breaking apart when Misty-Rain was going to the human world.

    I really hate how she got amnesia. It throws everything off to me. I don’t like how that turned out at all. I agree with you though, I like the Dokebi world better. Them being in the human world annoys me alot because I feel like everything is going slow there. I guess that must be just me. I really can’t stand that guy she’s staying with. I can’t remember his name. The guy who goes to the same school she goes to. He has black hair. Well anyway, he’s weird but it’s funny how almost OCD he is. Still likeing this series though.

  2. Connie Says:

    The boy she winds up staying with is OBNOXIOUS. I hated him, and he pretty much sticks with things to the end. I didn’t really like Misty-Rain’s amnesia, either. Actually, things felt kind of out-of-sync for me too after she entered the human world… at any rate, things definitely derailed at that point.

  3. Pirkaf Says:

    I was quite surprised how this series turned into kinda high school romance type story with a girl living with boys in one house. I also liked the dokebi world better, that’s for sure, it was very original. But still an amazing series.. I’m very curious how the unicorn prince will fare in human world.. ;-)

  4. Connie Says:

    I really didn’t like the parts that took place in the human world, but the fantasy elements of the series are so well done that it’s still worth reading, even for just the beginning and the end. I remember liking Sirius’s part best as far as the human world stuff went (of course, I could have also written reviews that totally contradict that, but I remember liking it), but it gets better as it goes on and more and more of the story is built up.

  5. Pirkaf Says:

    I only wish manhwa were more popular.. it’s always only Naruto, Furuba and Bleach on the manga charts.. manhwa as a general and also Dark Horse manga really deserve more popularity…

  6. Pirkaf Says:

    Oh yeah, and I’m looking forward to Thornpricker coming to the human world, hehe.. I knew it would eventually happen.. ;-)

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