Sugar Sugar Rune 3

October 22, 2006

More CUTECUTECUTE from Moyoko Anno, except in addition to being cute, this volume took a turn for the decidedly dark, which kind of surprised me since not only was it spewing cute for every pore, it’s also a Nakayoshi series… which I guess can get kind of depressing sometimes, as can Ribon and any other girly magazine series.

So the series turns into a very light contest to be Queen Witch to this very serious struggle between Ogres and Witches, something the Ogres seem to be very bitter about and the Witches seem to be trying to make up for somehow, but can’t because the Ogres are just too bitter. I dunno how much sense that makes, but that was my interpretation.

Anyway, Vanilla’s a bit more of a pansy than I first took her for. I knew she was kind of a lightweight, but she’s also weak-minded, and her change of heart was even a bit unbelievable. I mean, who’s she going to believe, some dude who tells her a shocking lie, or her best friend and various people she knows well? I’m sad to see Chocolate so sad. I don’t even really like Chocolate that much either, but then again I don’t usually like Anno’s main characters that much, I just like what they do a lot, which is also the case here.

The trial that the two get for being far along in the Queen stuff is quite interesting, and I absolutely adored the outcome. Very cute stuff. I’m not sure how I felt about the two new bodyguards that Chocolate has, but they’re adorable little witch-boys and seem to like her, so they can stay. They do well for her.

I love the way that Chocolate’s magic is slowly upgrading too. She has to WORK to be able to do awesome things in the human world. I also like how the scales tip at the very end. It still was a sad wrap-up for the volume, but at least the scales tipped in a very positive direction.

Maybe I do love Chocolate, I dunno.

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