Full Moon 6

November 12, 2006

I… don’t know when I read this one. Somehow I just completely skipped over writing about it without even realizing it. But I have to talk about this one before I talk about the next and last one, so here we go.

This series became completely nonsensical. I still really like the plot, and I like the characters, but the things that happened in this volume just… came out of nowhere, and made absolutely no sense to me. They talk about feelings A LOT. I’m serious. I read shoujo, so I know this is typically a common occurrence, but here it seems to be a major part of the plot, and I just don’t understand how all the character emotions are related to what will eventually happen to Mitsuki. There’s a huge buildup to Jonathan pulling a major switcheroo, except I didn’t understand most of the buildup save for the fact Meroko and Takuto thought it may be good to erase Miki’s name from the condemned list.

Then Jonathan changed. This was a pretty significant thing, except it was not as big a shock as everyone in the story made it out to be. First off, there was no indication or hint that the two characters introduced here even existed, so that took some of the edge off. The second is that Jonathan clearly had something up his sleeve ever since he was introduced. Plus, what he did, again, didn’t make much sense. If he was going to do the thing, DO IT. You don’t need that much fanfare to take care of something like that.

Also, inexplicably, they introduce a rival for Takuto’s affections instead of Miki. Huh? Why? And why so late in the series? Please.

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