Sugar Sugar Rune 4

December 24, 2006

Wow, apparently I forgot to write an entry for this one.  I picked this up immediately after I read Sakuran by Anno.  I love Anno deeply, and though I don’t have anything else to read by her in English, Sugar Sugar Rune is still quite good.

As pretty as all the stuff is, and as girly as this series is, this is surprisingly dark for a Nakayoshi title.  The fact that Vanilla is still entirely incommunicado with Chocolate is silly, and I still don’t entirely agree with the day-night change in her character.  Plenty of cool stuff happens between the two though, including a competiton to see who can take more hearts, a defense of one by the the other, and even a seasonal gift that puts Vanilla in a state of turmoil.  I feel bad for the ogres, for Vanilla, and even for Pierre.

The conflict between the Ogres and Witches isn’t quite defined clearly enough for my taste, though perhaps it really is just a matter of them disliking each other deeply.  The party was kind of an upsetting scene since it really was supposed to be a happy time, but I thought all the spells that were used were pretty cool.

The mystery character introduced at the party was not so cool, though.  I mean, I know this series is for little girls, but PLEASE.

Anyway, also cool was the Ogre tactic of using spice to collect the dark crystals and also trying to sour the heart of the boy who had a crush on Chocolate.  I was a bit sad by the outcome of that, actually.

I still really like Chocolate.  She was a bit annoying at first, but she’s since turned into a really strong main character who seems to get everything done and takes her role very seriously.  I’m very glad for this change, and I love the direction the series seems to be continuing with.

18 Responses to “Sugar Sugar Rune 4”

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  2. mmi Says:

    this is cool

  3. mmi Says:

    i luv suger sugar rune!
    its so cool
    i like chocolate better than vannilla
    pierre is wierd

  4. Connie Says:

    I just got the newest volume in the mail. I think we’re caught up with Japan now (at least mostly), which is a shame because this is the only Moyoco Anno series that’s currently running in the US and now we’ll get it a lot slower. I love Moyoco Anno.

  5. melz Says:

    i agree with you cuz chocolat is better than vanilla
    (the real spelling of chocolat)
    and you know chocolat and pierre they’re married!!!
    i was suprised when i watch it….
    plz watch ep.42 of sugar sugar rune that is the most 100 percent kilig factor!!!

  6. Connie Says:

    I haven’t seen any of the Sugar Sugar Rune anime. I hardly watch any anime at all actually. Since the manga is still running though, I wonder if maybe they’ll have different endings.

    Yeah, I know I misspell Chocolat all the time. It’s hard for me to remember to spell it in French. Which is lazy of me, actually. Maybe I’ll go back and fix that.

  7. Ann Says:

    omg! i agree with melz! i have watched the episode 42 and omg! i really hugghed my pillow, its the 1oo percent most kilig of all!!!! wooohooo!i hope u all could watch it!

  8. Ann Says:

    omg! melz’s rite. i have watched the episode 42 and its so super kilig!

  9. jollan Says:

    i love to wacth sugar sugar rune

  10. beverley Says:

    i tottaly love suger suger rune i love chocolate better then vanilla peirre is weird i love sugger suger rune i catch every chapter!

  11. hebah Says:

    i love all anime and mangas i totally totally and totally love chocolate better than vanilla

  12. marysol Says:

    hi? is there a 2nd season of sugar sugar rune (anime)..?
    if u know…
    please tell me..
    what website can I find it…

  13. Connie Says:

    I’m not sure what qualifies as a second season for an anime, but I’m pretty sure a 2nd season is when a show has more than 26 episodes… which Sugar Sugar Rune does. It’s got 51 episodes. I couldn’t tell you any more than that though, I’m not a big anime fan.

  14. Rogielyn Says:

    I dont know where to watch it pls tell

  15. Rogielyn Says:

    where tell me plsssss i beg of you

  16. Rogielyn Says:

    plzzzzz. tell me where did you watch episode 42

  17. Connie Says:

    The show is a bit old at this point. I still haven’t watched the anime, but you’ll probably have a hard time finding seeded torrents or places to download it from since it came out a couple years ago. I don’t know much about where to find unlicensed anime.

  18. ruby ann y chocola Says:

    iii love chocolat imm very anime fanatic for this…. i hope there was a dvd in sugar rune…. in the philippines……

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