Happy Mania 1

January 1, 2007

I’ve been going into a kind of Moyoko Anno craze lately. After reading Sakuran and finding it to be to my liking, I’ve been researching some of her other series. I WISH I could get Angelic House (I think it’s called… something House, I can’t remember right now), but lacking that and waiting for my full copy of Sakuran to arrive, I decided to fall back on Happy Mania.

I remembering being kind of disappointed with this right up until I read the last volume and reflected, but since it’s been about two years since I read it, I think it must’ve left a profound impression on me. I still remember a lot about it, as well as all the character’s names. I can never remember what happened in manga six months after I finish it, so this is some sort of accomplishment.

Diving into it again, I was a lot more forgiving of its flaws. The story does kind of jerk you around from place to place without warning… but that’s just its way, take it or leave it. I used to hate Kayoko a lot more, and she’s still annoying, but I feel a lot more sympathy for her now that I see the guys are jerks too. Fuku’s still cool, I always really liked her.

Guy-to-bed count in this volume: 3, maybe 4 if you count the flashbacks with her old boyfriend.

6 Responses to “Happy Mania 1”

  1. badzphoto Says:

    “Guy-to-bed count in this volume: 3, maybe 4 if you count the flashbacks with her old boyfriend.”
    Is it really smutty? or more to “Tramps like us”?

  2. Connie Says:

    It’s pretty smutty. The sex scenes aren’t explicit or long or anything, but it’s not like Tramps Like Us where they just discuss having sex without much of it going on/going on behind the scenes, Shigeta has sex pretty frequently with random guys that always turn out to be huge jerks. It’s not much like Tramps Like Us at all, actually. Tramps Like Us is actually kind of a nice, slowly-developed love story, where this is sort of messy and manic and about how the characters may be more in love with searching for the perfect guy than finding the guy himself. There is a love interest that goes after Shigeta for the entire length of the series, though.

    It’s hard to read at first, but pays off pretty well in the end.

  3. badzphoto Says:

    “It’s hard to read at first, but pays off pretty well in the end.”
    Totally true. The last 5 books are much better than the first 6 I must say. I really like Fuku.
    Shigeta does improve – I like her better when she glares and is suspicious at her male co-worker :)
    Takahashi is too nice for his own good – at one point, I wondered what happened to his backbone!

  4. Connie Says:

    Oh, glad you liked it! It’s weird how the characters grow on you so much as the series goes on. I don’t think I liked anyone at all for the first few volumes, including Takahashi, who I kept hoping would just move on and find someone who treated him better. But when that person showed up, I kind of wanted him back with Shigeta. The last volume is still really something, too. I haven’t read back through the series in a long time, but I still remember almost everything that happened in that volume.

  5. badzphoto Says:

    “But when that person showed up, I kind of wanted him back with Shigeta.”
    Me, too. I like her fine at the beginning, once she showed up in Tokyo, I want her to go back where she came.
    A lot of things happen in the last vol. The onsen guy is just hilarious, I laughed so much. The last vol is probably my favorite one :)

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