Boy Princess 3

January 21, 2007

I’ve heard more than one person complain about the character designs in this series looking too similar to follow, so I thought I was going to have trouble getting back into it.  Not so, as I wound up liking this volume quite a bit.

It’s definitely moved into shounen ai manga territory now, with nothing from Nicole except thoughts of Jed, and surprisingly, the mangaka even taps into Jed’s thoughts to get his opinions on Nicole when previously Jed had been kept at a kind of distance as a mysterious, cold character.  Their relationship is stormy and quite enjoyable to follow at this point, as they’re separated and much of the volume involves the aftermath of Nicole trying to sneak into Jed’s camp for a peek.

There are plenty other relationships in this volume, most are forbidden of course.  I couldn’t quite remember what was going on with Nicole’s two brothers, but one of them is engaged in conversation with a widow at the beginning who reprimands him quite sharply.  Their sister Elana is of course living with Jed right now, but finds out something about her lover and her’s past relationship, and unbeknownst to her, her lover also shows up.  Hm.  Jed’s brother Derek is also in some sort of relationship with a male apothecary who doesn’t seem to like him very much.

There’s also some subplot that I could remember nothing about having to do with Derek and the Queen (?) trying to take Jed out of power (?).  I don’t know.  I remember vaguely some trouble with it before, and it was brought up in passing at the end of the volume.

But yes, the characters look exactly the goddamn same.  The plot’s still pretty good at this point, though, and I can tell them apart by who they’re talking to, so I’ll keep going until this hampers my enjoyment of the series too much.

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