Land of Silver Rain 4

January 25, 2007

This volume kinda felt like filler, which disappointed me a bit since I like this series so much.  I kind of want it to get to a point where Misty-Rain gets back to the land of the Dokebi and it goes from there, because so far the human world has been a drag.  Sirius adds something to it, but Misty-Rain kills even my enjoyment of him at the end of this volume in the very minimal plot advance that happened here.

Basically, Misty-Rain gets a part time job and Thornpricker torments her.  Neither one of these events seem very significant as far as the story goes, we get only one hint that Misty-Rain is getting her memory back, and as I said, we don’t really get to hear much about the Dokebi land at all, which is what drew me to this series in the first place.  In volumes like this, the series plays out more like a dysfunctional high school comedy (dysfunctional because it’s not very good), and I would prefer it to be the rich, atmospheric fantasy series that it started out as.

This series is still one of my favorites, but I would rather it get back to the main plot, because I really don’t care how the characters are functioning in and dealing with the human world.  It’s really not good when it does this… but I’ll forgive it anyway, because I’m expecting a huge payoff in future volumes when things start to get messy.

3 Responses to “Land of Silver Rain 4”

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  2. Christine Says:

    Ugh..I’ve been so excited about this serious but with this volume my excitement has dropped…ALOT. Thornpricker is extremely annoying. I’m kind of glad that no-one is really giving her the time of day. She more than deserves it.

    I AGREE with you on the whole human world deal. I’m anxious for that phase of the storyline to be over with. Honestly, I thought that when Misty-Rain went to the human world. It would be exiting with turmoil and suspense building up. Frankly, it has killed my expectations and is giving me negative feelings toward the whole series.

    However, I’m still holding strong and already reading the next volume. Still a good read all said and done.

  3. Connie Says:

    Unfortunately, the human world doesn’t pass that quickly -_-; It’s worth finishing if you loved the first volume though, because the end is just as good and is worth suffering through all the middle parts.

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