Let’s Be Perverts 1

January 27, 2007

Oh God, I should have known better than this.  The description on the book made it sound like the main character wasn’t actually pervy but got accused of these things all the time.  The fact that his name was “Perverto” didn’t tip me off to the fact that I wouldn’t like this series.  This is an instance where reading the free preview on Netcomics would’ve saved me money, but I hate reading manga on my computer.

Let me tell you that the main character actually is some sort of pervert.  Not the dirty old man kind, just a dirty-minded high school boy.  Nothing wrong with that unless you’re the kind of manga (or manhwa) cast that overreacts to every little thing.  Apparently his parents had to move because he was labeled “pervert” at his old school.  His name has nothing to do with this, I suppose.  Stupid jokes and stupid characters for the first half of the volume.

This one almost got thrown in the trash, but the second half of the volume actually kind of redeemed it.  The one who mainly made pervert jokes wound up being the main love interest.  She softened up a bit later on in the series, and both she and Perverto were attracted to each other.  Her problem was that she’s got a best friend who she was kind of going out with, and the best friend refuses to be broken up with.  So Perverto then has to deal with the jealous friend.  The girl actually wound up being developed quite a bit by the end of the volume, and though she’s still not that great a character, there’s at least a shred of hope this series will turn out okay.  It’ll depend on the next volume really, but it’s only four volums long, so if it winds up being good, it should be able to wrap itself up pretty well and be a nice little story.

8 Responses to “Let’s Be Perverts 1”

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  2. Drew Says:

    I agree with your final assesment but totally disagree with your intial reaction.It was funny and smart in a way that a Wood Allen Film is. This is not a manga for children or the childish, you have to be open minded and Mature to understand the subtect and black humor this fine work has to offer. Beside if you purchased it in a book store it is your own fault for not opening and reading the first chapter over Coffee.

  3. Connie Says:

    Unfortunately, most of the bookstores around here have stopped carrying manga from small publishers like this, so I got this along with a bunch of other Netcomics titles online during a Right Stuf sale. Had I read the first chapter on the Netcomics site though, yeah, I probably would’ve left it. I’m no fan of Woody Allen, and this type of story isn’t really for me. Black humor usually goes straight over my head.

  4. Drew Says:

    I just bought and finished Volume 2,never put it down, great read. And again I can’t help but state not for the non-thinkers. This dark comedy takes on some really twisted issues, ppl overcoming their past and getting over themselves, obseesion, and trust, not to mention teachers abusing there authority. This is not for anyone that is looking for the feel good lighter side of Japanese Manga, this is truely the gitty underside of Korean Manhwa. Another smooth read the flow and action are as ever captivating; Youjung Lee does it again just as stunning as 0/6, without the scifi twist. But before you buy this open the cover if you are not drawn in by page 2 put it down and go look for some Toyko Mew-mew I’m sure that will be more your speed. Leave this to the big boys and girls that want alittle more thought in their read then just bombs, boobs and gore. Boobs are still there but not so calously displayed. Perverto is the neo-epic anti-hero of this day.

  5. Pirkaf Says:

    I bought this on a whim (quite perverted) but I was surprised that this was actually a good book and I deffinitely plan to buy more.

  6. Connie Says:

    I wasn’t so convinced after the first volume, but I liked the second volume much more, and the third and fourth volumes are fantastic. I forget about it frequently, but yeah, this series is awesome. Hard to recommend though, given the fact that the title, covers, and chapter title pages all sort of give the wrong impression.

  7. Pirkaf Says:

    So I ordered the rest of this series. Also because I read the first two volumes of Zero/Six series from the same author but I did not like it as much as this. The characters in Zero/Six don’t behave in a very believable way and the overall story is just weird.

  8. Connie Says:

    I’ve kind of wondered about Zero/Six. I’ve considered it more than once since I liked Let’s Be Perverts so much, but the kind of weird-sounding plot kept me away. Good to know I’m not missing much.

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