3. Boogiepop Returns: VS Imaginator (part 2)

February 3, 2007

I’ve gotten in the habit lately of only updating on weekends.  Though I cram most of my manga into weekend reading sessions, I still read a few things during the week and I decided I should try to update during the week. Instead of reading the usual 2-3 volumes of manga, I read this one novel instead (I also read two nonfiction books this week, which I mention because I’d hate for you to think it took me all week to read a middle grade fiction book).

Anyway, yes.  This one was pretty good, though I liked it a bit less than the other one.  There was less action as the events were non-explained in the cryptic Boogiepop way.  I think I prefer the weird events to lengthy explanations that don’t make much sense, but that’s entirely a personal preference.  There was much reflection and revelation of feelings by the characters, but somehow I felt like that the only character who was developed this time around was Jin, where we found out a bit of what he was actually thinking.  We also found out for sure about the relationship between Camille and the fake Boogiepop, and we did learn more about Camille and how she was feeling, but other than that… I don’t know.  There was one other important character who got turned into a Spooky E puppet, and I felt pretty bad about that… it made me squirm whenever they’d do something evil, and they were such a nice person otherwise.

I did like this for the most part, though.  The conflict that arose for the fake Boogiepop was pretty good, and the final showdown in Paisley Park at the end was awesome.  Real Boogiepop was pretty quiet in this volume up until the end, and the final battle was all the more awesome because of it.  I wound up liking Spooky E a lot as a villain too, his final showdown was pretty satisfactory and when he had a breakdown near the end, it was pretty well done.

Actually, I take back the no action thing.  There are three pretty awesome fight scenes in this volume with a lot of story in between them.  All the fights are pretty far out there, and all are also very awesome.  I still think I liked the last volume better, but that could be just because the buildup to these fights was very good.

I like these novels an awful lot.  I’m not looking forward to any of Seven Seas other novel releases, so here’s hoping others are because it seems that more Boogiepop is dependent on the light novel line being successful.

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