Gerard & Jacques 2

February 4, 2007

There’s such a happy amount of sex in this!  Just when you think a scene or mood is going to get too serious, out comes the merry sex.  In the period at the beginning of the book when noone is in a position to have sex, Jacques just masturbates again and again as a little warmup.  You think you may have to hold off this volume, perhaps the relationship will need to warm up a bit and you’ll get a lot of sex at the end… but that’s what alcohol’s there for!  Also, Gerard gets some rough stuff from a third party that he doesn’t necessarily want, and this scene was a bit hard on me, but it didn’t riddle me with guilt nearly as much as the first scene in the series did.

You know, Gerard and Jacques have a good relationship together, too.  It was kind of weird to follow up Guru Guru Pon-chan with this one, because I admire the relationships in similar ways.  Pon-chan has had more time to develop its main relationship, and it’s really cutesy and fun to watch, whereas Gerard and Jacques had to get together quickly, and they share some macho man-love.  Again, with my negative experiences when first dabbling in the Boy’s Love genre, I’m glad stuff like this series emerged with good relationships and plot.  Granted, this one is extremely porn-oriented too, but the fact that it still manages to cram so much sex, plot, and character stuff into two volumes earned my admiration.

The only thing I didn’t like about this volume was the detour into the French Revolution.  The characters discuss it at length near the end of one chapter, and it kind of flew over my head since I’m not terribly familiar with it (though with as much Art History as I took, I can describe to you what most of the people look like and who painted their portraits).  They kept talking about it though, and eventually it became more important to the plot and Gerard and Jacques got drug into it and the series kind of ended with the history tie-in.  I really liked the ending, but I guess I didn’t want a big history lesson in with my sex.  But they taught me French history with sex and characters I liked, so I suppose that’s okay.

Gerard, for writing erotic lesbian fiction, also has some really classy lines when he’s doing his work down there.  It made me laugh several times.  Highly recommended series!

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