Can’t Lose You 1

February 22, 2007

Great, just what I need, another drama-tastic high school romance comic.  I tell myself this everytime I read a plot summary, then somehow wind up with the book in my hand.  Usually significantly more than the first volume.

Anyway.  This is another Netcomics series, which I think I bought solely because it is a Netcomics series.  I passed up Pine Kiss for the slightly more interesting-sounding doppelganger story, though I might as well have just picked up Pine Kiss, because… well, because.

The doppelganger thing is… well, I don’t want to say not as big a part of the story as you’d think, because it is the plot.  Basically, it’s like every romance manga you’ve read, except instead of the spunky poor girl who just transferred in getting picked on by the rich girl and falling in love with the rich guy who’s supposed to be dating said rich girl, the poor girl looks exactly like the rich girl, so the rich girl is just mean to her AND the poor girl has to go to ritzy social events in her place because she needs the money rich girl gives her for it.

It’s… okay.  I think the doppelganger thing is all that saves it from being too lukewarm, and I’m a sucker for this kind of thing, but it’s nothing fabulous.  I think what swayed me was that I found out it’s only six volumes long, so I bought the first four together.  But it sweats cliches out of every pore nonetheless.  Poor girl doesn’t even have any parents, she stays with a woman who she doesn’t know and takes care of her.  Poor girl also holds down thirty jobs, and poor girl also has a dream of being reunited with her father.

Yeah.  I want to make a Fruits Basket comparison, but I’ve already hated on Fruits Basket enough, I think.  We’ll see where this series goes in its five more volumes.  Maybe it’ll do something fun!

2 Responses to “Can’t Lose You 1”

  1. guaflo Says:


    Can you please tell me where can i read this manga?


  2. Connie Says:

    Well, has it up on their site. It’s also one of their more popular series, so it also has print editions that you can probably check out at some bookstores.

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