Sugar Sugar Rune 5

March 5, 2007

And if reading all 14 volumes of W Juliet in 5 days wasn’t enough for you, I needed something to do at the laundromat tonight, so here’s the newest volume of Sugar Sugar Rune.

I don’t know how I feel about the development that’s going on between Chocolate and Pierre.  I don’t really like Pierre, and it seems like his affection in this volume started really suddenly… there was no hint of it prior to this.  Also… he wasn’t always an ogre?  Is this a possibility?  Huh?

This volume was really slow, for some reason.  Not much happens save for Chocolate and Pierre getting lost, then Chocolate getting some training in the desert in the magical world.  We gotta have exposition sometime I guess, but it didn’t really felt like it built anything but this sudden artificial possibility that Pierre isn’t a total jerk.  Not even the training Chocolate recieved seemed like something that may be important down the road.

I think we’re mostly caught up with Japan now, which is unfortunate because now we’ll get the twice-a-year treatment that Holic gets, and I hate having one of my two volumes for the year being something with as little substance as this.  With so much going on in this series, I really feel like a ton of stuff is going to happen VERY SOON, so I desperately hope big things go down next time to get the ball rolling.

One Response to “Sugar Sugar Rune 5”

  1. Olivia Says:

    I know what you mean. For the last volume or two the series has just been treading water in order to stretch the series out for as long as possible. If this were written about 10 years ago the storyline would be about 1/2-2/3 over already instead of the little hints they’ve been throwing about.

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