Cantarella 5

March 8, 2007

HERE!  Here we finally get some action and decent drama that makes sense.  I can wrap my brain around a solid (finally) love triangle between Chiaro, Cesare, and Lucrezia.  I cannot wrap my brain around dramatic struggles between Cesare trying not to let demons take over his body… even though he is clearly evil… and invites it sometimes.  The end to said incomprehensible stuff is in this volume, and the resolution to the takeover demons is anticlimatic, but maybe we don’t have to hear about it anymore.

Plenty of action in Chiaro getting captured and tortured, and lots of action when the Duke of Grandia and Cesare finally have it out.  Lots of romantic intrigue with Lucrezia floating around and Jofre’s wife being some sort of tramp, and just… lots of stuff.  I like Cesare a lot now.  This was never the case before.  I also like Chiaro a lot too, but I’ve liked him all along.

Finally the series has gotten good!  Unfortunately this is the last volume I had though, so I had to wade through plenty of bad to get here.  Take that as you will.

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