Moon and Sandals 1

March 19, 2007

Much like finishing a volume of any of Fumi Yoshinaga’s works, I wanna let out a big “awwwww” afterwards.

This one’s more a BL series than Flower of Life or Antique Bakery, and starts and ends with a love confession that gets shot down.  Both men move on to different lovers, and while there is a chapter or two dedicated to the teacher, who has an established relationship more or less, most of the book is dedicated to developing a romance between the other character and the brother of his best friend.

There’s just… Yoshinaga does a really good job of displaying emotion.  When someone who you don’t love back tries to tell you their feelings, real people don’t launch into long-winded explanations, they blush and say “I’m sorry,” then offer a hug, just like is done here.  There are some things which perhaps are unlikely, but nothing felt too far off the mark.  It’s just about the people hanging out and discovering their feelings for one another.  It read kind of like a gay Flower of Life, but I liked that series more somehow.

I didn’t like this one as much as the other three series I’ve read from Yoshinaga.  I feel like I can’t pick a favorite out of the others (Antique Bakery, Flower of Life, and Gerard and Jacques) because they’re like comparing apples and oranges somehow, and I liked them all equally in different ways.  But this one I know I liked a little less.  It was still awesome though, and it lets me know that perhaps mediocre for Yoshinaga is still a ton better than anyone else.  I can’t imagine where the next volume will go, because everything wrapped up so nicely here, but the thing about Yoshinaga’s work is that all of it could go on indefinitely, and yet is complete.  We’ll see.

2 Responses to “Moon and Sandals 1”

  1. misa*key Says:

    I agree 100%!! I’m pretty sure Moon & Sandals is her oldest work published thus far in English, so I can kind of feel that she is just finding her stride. Glad to find someone else as enamored with Yoshinaga as I am!

  2. Connie Says:

    Oh, I definitely love her stuff very much. I’m waiting on Solfege to come in the mail as we speak. This series being older than the others makes a lot of sense, thanks for that bit of info. I know we’re getting a bunch of her other one-shots and stuff over the summer, and I kinda wonder if some of them are older… it’d be kind of interesting to see how her stories evolved into their current state.

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