Ichigenme… The First Class is Civil Law 1

March 27, 2007

More Yoshinaga from her soon-to-be-plentiful selection in English.  How did this one rate in with the others?  Well, it’s real BL, so it gets automatically grouped in with Gerard and Jacques.  It’s not quite as hardcore, but there are about three sex scenes.  It doesn’t break any of my rules, so it’s cool there too.  I think I liked Gerard and Jacques better simply because I liked the characters more, but the characters are still really strong in this series too, and it’s interesting to see the friendship between the two main characters grow.

Once again, character development is where Yoshinaga is king.  There are several secondary characters who sort of push the story from one point to another throughout the volume, and while I liked the main characters a lot, there were a handful of secondary characters who had their own little dramas periodically, and it was satisfying to see the stuck-up slackers who badmouthed everyone throughout get theirs at the end of the volume.  We see the main character… well, he doesn’t come out of the closet, but he gradually gets more used to having relationships.

The main character did it for me more than the secondary one.  He’s the character whose relationships we see the most, and we see what he thinks of various… opportunities he gets throughout the school year.

There are several moments of comedy gold.  The first comes at the very beginning of the story when the secondary character strips naked and plunges his penis into someone’s beer.  The second occurs  when one of the big gossips asks the main character out at the end of the volume.  He tells her that he could never sleep with a woman (which is not a spoiler, because this is a BL manga), and in a moment that comes straight from my high school, she says something along the lines of “I… have to tell people, okay?”  and then runs off.  It was priceless.

The last sex scene made me cry, too.  That was a sentence I never thought I would utter, but Yoshinaga made me do it.  She’s THAT good.

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