One Thousand and One Nights 2

March 27, 2007

This is the only series I buy from Ice Kunion.  I have a hard time figuring out the release dates on this one.  I remember this took forever to come out, then not too long after, I found 3 in the stores.  Now it’s been awhile and 4 still hasn’t come out, then I see 4 and 5 solicited together in Previews.  Hm.  Well, as you can see I got distracted and didn’t read 2 when I finally did get ahold of it, so it’s not like I’m hurting for four.

I do kinda like this series, though.  I think I was under the impression this was also BL, but it really isn’t.  I mean, it’s got characters that you can pretend will hook up, but I don’t know that that’s where the plot is going.  Apparently I had trouble understanding the story last time.  That’s not the case here, as all the characters, their relationship, and what’s going on are all made rather clear.  I don’t want to say anything because what happens right away is kind of a spoiler, but the main character gets to tell a story again, which takes up the second half of the volume and is a rather sad one.  I kind of like the epic mood of this series, and the story was certainly good, but the actual plot is a little dry.  I can put up with that though, since it’s only half the book and the story at the end was so bittersweet.

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