Boy Princess 5

April 3, 2007

It’s REALLY hard to tell the characters apart.  I don’t know the difference between Nicole’s brothers, I don’t know the difference between the brother from the other kingdom and the apothecary, so it’s insane when the scenes switch around and you need some time to figure out who’s talking about what.  I’m still not entirely sure of the crown prince/royalty situation over in Jed’s kingdom, and what the deadly conflict is over there, either.

I’m glad some time is being spent on the relationship between Jed and Nicole, though.  With all the hints that are being dropped… really, I can’t deal with a bunch of similar characters talking about other things if there’s no hint that the main couple isn’t going anywhere at all.  It was kind of frustrating how they kept missing each other.  I’m kinda surprised that I’m this drawn into them, because the characters really aren’t all that well-developed, but for some reason the relationship is really compelling.  I don’t know how that works.

I would say that the plot wasn’t advanced that much this time around, except it ended on such a huge cliffhanger that I’m considering going to Netcomics and reading the next volume… except then I’d feel bad buying it.  So I must wait.

5 Responses to “Boy Princess 5”

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  2. Poochiechan Says:

    about telling the brothers apart. Im with you on that!! And the main couple keep missing eachother is so darn annoying!! but i still love the series. lol

  3. Connie Says:

    I like it okay. Though it does many frustrating things, it’s hard for me to denounce it entirely, and there is some really good stuff mixed into the confusion. I’m glad I kept reading to volume 6, because the crown prince confusion was totally cleared up.

  4. Aku Says:

    Although I understand that it is difficult to tell a lot of the characters apart, I don’t see the difficulty between Nicole’s older brothers. The eldest, Glewhin(sp)? Has long hair and really narrow eyes while June’s hair only goes to his shoulders. Also, I think his eyes are a little wider. And Derek looks like Jed, just blonde. The apothecary looks more androgynous.

  5. Connie Says:

    I think I eventually did get the hang of telling Nicole’s older brother’s apart, though I may have confused the brothers with a few minor characters or failed to recognize them or something. I don’t know, I could never tell the apothecary and Derek apart, even towards the end when it’s very important. Though sometimes it’s easy to tell since the apothecary has a different way of dressing.

    I liked the art much better in her other series, Devil’s Bride. I actually liked the first volume of that quite a bit, it surprised me since I had such trouble with Boy Princess.

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