After School Nightmare 3

May 5, 2007

Setona Mizushiro – Go!Comi – 2007 – 10 volumes

Whoo-hoo!  I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to pick this up until it was distributed alternately several months down the road.  The Borders seems to have stopped carrying almost all Go!Comi series, and it takes months for me to find them online when I need them.  And I DEFINITELY need this one.

Unfortunately, I think I’m going to need more action if I’m going to be as committed to this series as I am now.  It’s currently probably in my top ten current favorites, and I really, really like it, but this volume is almost a stall.  We’re not any closer to finding out who the Black Knight in the dreams is, there are no new characters outside the paper giraffe, and the relationship between the main male and female characters continues to be a bit troubled and slightly offputting, like it’s just not a good fit.  It actually does run into quite a bit of trouble here, but it always seemed a little forced.  That could just be me not liking the main female character, though.  The only thing that does move forward is the relationship between the two male characters.  We don’t really come any closer to a “why,” but it’s interesting all the same.

The things that I think would make it more interesting would be to introduce more new characters into the dream, put more faces to them, and perhaps shake up the relationships a bit.  I think we’ll get a bit of shaking next volume, as I see the main male relationship disrupting (rather violently) the main male/female relationship.  There’s already a better match for the main female, so we’ll see.  I would also like some more hints as to the exact structure of the school and the nature of the dreams, but I could wait a bit longer for that because they’re just so damn cool right now.

The Black Knight mystery is a persistent one.  I doubt seriously that it was the main male love interest at this point, but I would place my bets on his sister right now, I suppose.  She’s becoming more and more prominent, and I wonder about her role.

So yes, this is still one of the best manga series I’m reading right now.  It is VERY GOOD.  We hit a bit of a slow spot here, but there’s promise of some speed next volume, so hooray for that.

4 Responses to “After School Nightmare 3”

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  2. blah Says:

    Um you do realize the character is neither male nor female, and the male that is pursuing him/her is not pursuing him for a gay romance but rather because he wants his female bits? So this is not Yaoi not even remotely. Now if you’d said Yuir/Shoujo-ai you may have been on to something.

  3. Connie Says:

    I don’t think I said it was yaoi, but I didn’t really mean it if I did. I don’t think it’s yuri either, though. Their relationship plays out very much like a male/female relationship. I also don’t really see the male character seeking out the female bits on the main character either, I think there’s something a bit deeper going on. The ambiguous gender really lends itself well to these situations, and it’s one of the things I really like about the series.

  4. Esty Says:

    blah: I agree with you blah.. it is not yuri nor yaoi.. (s)he is a hermphradite and if anything more close to a female now that they hit puberty.

    It is hetero and shojou ai NO yaoi whatso ever… Sou is a great person to cause he accepts Masahiro for what (s)he is, the girl on the other hand dosent… and well.. needs to get over her fear of males to.

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