Millennium Snow 1

May 5, 2007

I decided to start this and Backstage Prince based solely on their length (two volumes each), then immediately got buyer’s remorse for whatever reason… probably because I don’t need to be reading new series.  I drug my feet about reading them both, but I took only them to LA with me recently, so they got read.  Or at least, this one did.

I was really pleasantly surprised.  It’s got some of the stiffness and kinks that you would expect from a rookie story (I don’t know if this was her first collection or not, but I would bet it was among her first), but the plot is actually really good.  A girl with a heart condition tries to be friends with a vampire who doesn’t like humans or drinking blood.  Ideally, she would like him to make her his partner so that they can live 1,000 years together, he only needing her blood to survive.  She says this was a wish for her parents, for her to see 1,000 first snowfalls (her name is Chiyuki, you see) when she wasn’t meant to see more than 15 with her heart condition.  The rest of the story is about the two befriending each other.

Though the vampire kind of screams emo stereotype and does not let even Chiyuki break his dismal cover, there are scenes where he really comes through for her.  Chiyuki herself is a pretty cheery, bouncy girl for someone who could be moments away from dying.  There is another character introduced at the end, a werewolf (which is called werewoof, for some reason) and the theme of fitting in is introduced… it was touched on briefly at the beginning when Chiyuki has to go back to school, but it doesn’t stick to her since she’s so cheerful.

Flawed, but I’m looking forward to a hopefully happy ending next volume.

2 Responses to “Millennium Snow 1”

  1. Christine Says:

    I was a bit disappointed in this volume. I’ve heard countless stories of how good this was and how amazing it is and things like that but it wasn’t THAT good. The ill girl fell in love WAY to quickly with the vampire kid. I guess because he could save her life. The first part of the volume was a little too dramatic for me. It was that bad though. I did fill bad for her when she started talking about how she wouldn’t live to see the next snow.

    I really like that werewolf kid and I don’t really no why. I think it’s because he’s the most flawed between him and the vampire kid. I thought it was funny how much he tried to be ‘normal’. I also liked the jealous action going on between the vampire kid and the werewolf kid.

    Overall, it was pretty good though I was disappointed. I couldn’t find the next volume for some reason so I doubt I will be continuing with this series.

  2. Connie Says:

    It’s really not worth continuing. I kind of liked it after I read the first volume, but I remember not really liking the second volume much at all, and the series has no ending or closure since apparently she went on to write Ouran and didn’t finish.

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