Let’s Be Perverts 2

May 6, 2007

Yay!  I liked this volume a lot better than the previous one.  Rather than driving home the point that the two main characters want to reinvent themselves at their new school with tired jokes, the characters are put into a variety of situations where they have to consciously make an effort to act differently than they normally would.  This volume mostly focuses on Perverto’s girlfriend and the war she seems to be waging with herself to be more feminine, and I really liked it.  There is a math teacher that is trying to… pick her up, to put it nicely, and my favorite scene in the book is where she has a verbal showdown with him.

The end of the book worries me.  Perverto is driven away when he thinks that he is being used, and the next volume seems to be about him falling in with the wrong crowd.  I think the word “pervert” puts me off quite a bit not only because of the obvious joke, but I think because what Perverto seems to be moving into next volume stops being perverted and starts to be more sinister and criminal, and I guess I just want a different word to be used.  And I just hate that joke.

I’m not really looking forward to the next volume, but I actually liked this one quite a bit.

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