Boy Princess 6

June 17, 2007

Hey, didn’t I just read volume 5? It usually takes me forever to get ahold of Netcomics books once they come out, but this one arrived fairly quickly for a change. EDIT: oh wait, volume 7 came out this month.  Guess I’m not caught up.

Even having just read volume 5 two weeks ago, it took me a LONG time to figure out that this book started off in a flashback. We can blame this mostly on the fact that every single goddamn character looks the same. After a tearful fit of reading and rereading the first ten pages trying to figure out what the hell was going on, I remembered that this was supposed to be Jed’s mother and the herbalists. There’s a… weird thing about the herbalist tribe that feels like it was kind of tacked on for no reason, but it helps make more sense of the insanely vague sexuality of those characters. Well, not even sense, really. But it justifies it in the story at least.

Hmm… what went on here? Most of the first part of the book was the explanation for the Herbalists and some background about the drama going on in Jed’s kingdom. We get some doubt as to whether the relationship between Nicole and Jed will keep going, and we get a possible union between Jed’s sister and Nicole’s brother. A… political union, I think.

The thing about the relationship between Nicole and Jed being in doubt was a theme throughout the volume, and it was kind of a silly one to persue since… well, you can’t possibly shed any reasonable doubt on the main character’s relationship. They won’t break up. That’s just the way it works.

This series is just pretty mediocre, and you have to have a lot of patience with it since, as I mentioned, all the characters look the same, and this coupled with the fact that they are often in disguise makes the vague and sometimes not-well-explained plot extremely hard to follow. Well… the main plot of the series IS kind of cool, and I respect that it’s trying to have all these awesome things going on, but it’s just not piecing together that well.

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