Innocent Bird 1

June 17, 2007

I wanted this one to be good.  The premise sounded okay, kind of like Wish (which I didn’t actually like that much, but I think I often forget this).  It was kind of boring, though.

The premise IS good.  A priest is going to get deported due to his expired visa, or something like that.  The agent that shows up to tell him this witnesses a devil trying to drag him back down to hell, because apparently the priest is a demon who would like to turn to God, and insists that God will forgive him.  Coincidentally (or not, maybe this was an agency for heaven/hell immigration) the agent is an angel, so he fights off the demon.  Awkward moments ensue for the rest of these chapters, which are mostly one-shots about the priest having to go back to hell and the agent going rogue from the agency because, apparently, he’s not a very good angel.

Other than the aforementioned awkward moments, there is nothing that qualifies this series for the Blu label, unless something incredibly hardcore happens next volume to make up for the boring romance in this volume.

The one exciting thing that happened is that the priest WAS dragged back to hell at the end of the volume, and the angel went to save him.  The angel, at this point, has his powers sealed as a disciplinary action, and he’s gotta rumble in hell to get this priest back.  I’m not really quite clear on what happens… either the angel falls or the demon earns God’s wrath, I really didn’t get that, and I guess I’ll find out next time.  The fight was cool though, and apparently there will be more later.

Boring mostly, though.  Three boring BL series in a row, plus one good one.  What will get me out of this funk?

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