Lovers in the Night

June 17, 2007

Great, now I’ve got 16 titles backlogged to write about.  The best way to approach it is by themes, I think.  Unfortunately, BL is the only theme among them, so today will be the only theme day.  Well, it’ll be theme + one that was just awesome.

I liked this one the best, which probably comes as no surprise since it’s the newest Fumi Yoshinaga title.  It’s comparable to Gerard and Jacques, which is my favorite of hers, and it probably falls just shy of being better than it mostly because it’s one volume and I don’t get any more.  I was slightly appalled at first that the two series were so similar, but the story’s still good the second time around.

This time, the commoner is older than the rich boy, and gets hired by the boy’s father as a servant to get him out of a brothel (which means that this one starts off the same as Gerard and Jacques, ugh).  The boy grows up in the house and sees the birth of the master’s son.  The master dies, leaving the servant in charge of his son.

It jumps to when the boy’s grown up (or close, I don;t remember if it specifes an age, but I would guess he’s supposed to be 18 for most of the book), and the rest of the book are little one-shot short stories detailing the love life of these two.  They’re funny, they’re touching, they’re everything you’ve come to expect from Fumi Yoshinaga.  I wanna say I like it a bit better when she focuses on only two characters, but I like Flower of Life and not Moon and Sandals, so I’m not sure what that means.

I can’t think of anything else to say other than I really, REALLY liked it.  It’s definitely not terribly different from anything else of hers I’ve read, so if you’re getting sick of her style, no divergence here… but it’s a wonderful volume all the same.

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