MPD Psycho 1

June 29, 2007

Dark Horse REALLY wants you to buy this book.  I almost want to spite them after they cut off Museum of Terror, Scary Books, and Octopus Girl early (and has anyone seen a solicitation for Reiko the Zombie Shop 7?), but not only do I want to read this series, I also know that spiting does no good, especially if it means I can’t read Dark Horse comics.

I thought the first volume of this would blow me away with gross mutilation beyond belief, but it’s actually comparable to, say, Hannibal.  Not to say I was disappointed, not at all.  The setup is more or less that a character employed as a police detective and great at doing criminal profiling has Multiple Personality Disorder, was basically accused of a crime some years ago, got out of prison (legally), is doing profiling on the sly again, and is still suffering from MPD.  He doesn’t appear to be the one doing the killings, but that may change.  It’s definitely an interesting plot, but something like that takes an understandably long time to set up and get going, especially since you have to establish each of the separate personalities in the main character.

The violence is certainly of the most disturbing variety.  In an interview in the back, one of the creators mentions that they insisted on this because they didn’t want the dead body to be a symbol of death, like something you look at just to realize there is death involved, he wanted you to be shocked by death, as well you should be.  It’s definitely an interesting concept, and he pulls it off quite well in this series.

While the first volume doesn’t quite live up to the hype, it certainly shows promise of getting there eventually, and I’ll definitely be coming back for more.

2 Responses to “MPD Psycho 1”

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  2. Pirkaf Says:

    What a coinsidence! I just read the first volume of this series yesterday (I have one more at the moment). I’d say it was enjoyable (and also somewhat disturbing) but I did not like it as much as Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service. And I think I won’t be bying more volumes in some time because there are Dark Horse series I need more. Like Kurosagi, Seraphic Feather or Blade of the Immortal..

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