Land of Silver Rain 5

July 5, 2007

Though still not nearly as good as the first volume, I feel like the series is starting to recover and get things together in preparation for the conclusion.  Misty-Rain gets her memories back, though it doesn’t really change much.  The nature of Sirius’s agreement with the Sea Witch is revealed, and some people take steps to prevent his unfortunate fate should things go as planned.  Misty-Rain’s annoying roommate may have, or be related to, the King of the Dokebis, which is interesting and the full nature of this hasn’t yet been revealed.

I think we’re going to start to see more and more of the goings-on in the Dokebi World again starting next volume, which was where things were best.  After meandering for so long on this long tangent in the human world, I feel like it’s really, really time to get back to fantasy, because it certainly isn’t working as a romantic comedy.

So as a transition, it works to get me excited since things may get good again.  Hooray for that.

2 Responses to “Land of Silver Rain 5”

  1. Souvi Says:

    I really like to read the book Land of Silver Rain. I enjoy reading this book because it is a great book.

  2. Connie Says:

    I absolutely adored the first volume, and I like the series in general, but I get frustrated because I think I wanted it to take place entirely in the fantasy world, and it just doesn’t. It’s still an okay series though, and I’m pumped about reading the end, because I think it’ll be good again once it gets back to fantasy.

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