Let’s Be Perverts 3

July 14, 2007

This is such a wonderful series, I never would have guessed it got this good after reading the first volume.  Though I liked the second volume a lot, I was afraid the series would dip back into the comedy territory from volume one and I just wouldn’t like it as much.  Nothing could be further from the truth, and this was just… amazing.

The volume starts off in rape territory.  The reason I was concerned about this reverting back into a comedy was because the main character had sworn back on the ways of the pervert at the end of the last volume, and I was worried that things would stray.  The pervert business continues while he and a friend stalk one of the most popular girls in school and hold her against her will in a stairwell.  This is a really long scene that ends with the main character totally pulling off a cool guy act as he teaches the bitchy girl a lesson (no rape occurs, thankfully, though things get close).

Most of the rest of the volume features the various misdeeds of the handsome young teacher who is toying with all the girls in school, but trying to get together with Hongdan most of all.   He’s a big sleaze, and I think people other than the main character are starting to come around to realize this.

One of the coolest scenes in the volume is when some boys come to Hongdan’s school to try and beat her up.  They bully a kid to run and get her for them, except they can’t think of any description other than “breasts like a dairy cow.”  This understandably leads to some confusion.

Things are going to wrap up next volume, and I have every confidence that it will be fantastic.  This series really wound up surprising me.

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