Boy Princess 7

July 16, 2007

Two more volumes of this series, but this one’s harsh, it leaves off at a bit of a… killer cliffhanger.  Hahaha, it’s killer, you see, because… yeah.

Anyway, the plot pace definitely picks up quite a bit here.  The story focus is on who the heir to Jed’s kingdom will be, what some of the politics involved with that are, and some politics in Nichole’s kingdom with his two brothers as well.  Someone tries to force their hand in marriage for an alliance between the two kingdoms, and the two counter with a rather drastic proposal that would tie their kingdom not only to that ally, but to Jed’s kingdom yet again.  I’m sure you can work out how.

It’s implied that Jed will divorce Nicole soon, though the lover connection has become much more apparent.  This is wonderful, because up to this point Nicole and Jed’s romance hasn’t been particularly… solid.  Now we know where it stands, and it stands in a wonderfully happy place.  It’s a bit weird that it moved all the sudden in this direction, but to be fair, Jed has been hinting at his feelings all along.  I’m very glad it finally got to this point.

The end though… it’s a killer.  Now that all the explanation is out of the way, maybe the last couple volumes will be smooth sailing plot-wise.  I can maybe enjoy what’s going on without having to try and puzzle through as I have been.  That’ll be nice, because I do enjoy this series in theory.  It’s just sometimes (extremely) hard to follow.

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