Moon and Sandals 2

September 28, 2007

I got this in awhile ago, and even though I KNEW it was good since Fumi Yoshinaga wrote it, I put it off since the first volume was probably my least favorite of her works.

This was actually a lot like the second volume of Ichigenme. After the first volume, which has the main storylines about the couples getting together, the second volume is full of mostly comedic short stories and a lot of fanservice-y sex (though there was a lot, LOT more of it in Ichigenme). Some of the stories were very funny and weird, and only a few pages long. Some of them do offer up a bit of plot or details on the characters, though there were no huge drama-tastic stories, or really anything other than how the character’s lives are progressing. One of my favorites was one of the first stories, which made you think that that a certain character was forced to marry a coworker’s daughter. He has long, rough sex with his partner, then reveals that the information… was not as dire as you thought.

A few stories are even about the female classmate. Gives you rest inbetween all the sex.

Some of the more dramatic plot points involve how the characters come out at work and to others. These are mostly dealt with with one chapter, but they’re dealt with in an extremely realistic way. Nothing’s exaggerated or hammed up for laughs, and that’s what’s nice about Yoshinaga.

I liked it a lot better than the first volume, but it still probably ranks at the bottom of my list of Yoshinaga series… which still puts it high above most other things I’ve read.

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