Sugar Sugar Rune 6

December 17, 2007

I’ve been doing a lot of catch-up this weekend, and this series is yet another I’ve got the newest volume of and have yet to read the previous one.  With Sugar Sugar Rune, this is a real shame because I sincerely love Moyoco Anno.

I was happy to see a resolution to the Vanilla situation.  Really, that happens, and the rest of the volume seems to just be a good time… though a lot of other stuff happens.  The Vanilla situation resolution brings a new ability to Chocolat, which she uses for good, and we get an awesome new character on the very last page.

Another new character is introduced, the Witch of Light, who doesn’t seem to serve any purpose other than quizmaster/teacher, much like the Witch of the Plains.

There is also a huge increase in ogre attacks, and it looks like things may be coming to a head as far as ogre discontent goes.  There is only one incident where Chocolat has to help out her friends at school, but the magic used was pretty cute.

There’s enough characters bouncing around that I can’t recall who some of the side characters are, but it seems like there may be a couple new people scheming and trying to rock the boat.  Let’s read volume 7 and see!  There promises to be big things for Chocolat in that volume as well, so I am very excited.  It’s really easy to get drawn into the cuteness and manic plot in this series.

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