Land of Silver Rain 7

December 20, 2007

Okay, so here’s the end, and it was every bit as fantastic as the first volume.  Do you remember how much I liked that?  I earmarked this as a favorite series based solely on the strength of that one volume.  Though the mythology is slightly convoluted, I absolutely love the world this series has made for itself as far as the two Dokebi races go, what their function is, and the romances and roles all the characters connected to the Dokebi world have.  This is truly where the series excels.

There’s a bit of plot introduced right at the end that you can kind of see coming, but I liked it, so I didn’t mind it too much.  Most of the volume concerns sorting out what Misty-Rain will do as a human and what her role in the Dokebi world is rather than what is to be done about Sirius and his pact with the Sea Witch.

The epilogue is just great.  I thought maybe things weren’t going to turn out like I thought, but I was happy to see all the loose ends tied up.  It was wonderful.

Yeah.  I don’t know if I can call this a great series.  I feel like the middle parts could have been condensed and this series would have made a fantastic 5 volumes, but as it stands, it’s got a really great first and last volume, an okay volume 2 and 6, and a middle part which can be hard to get through if you prefer the fantasy setting.  When it does its fantasy thing though, I think it is one of the best.  For what it’s worth.

2 Responses to “Land of Silver Rain 7”

  1. Rosegirl18 Says:

    I was hoping that she would end up with Hanbit…I knew it wasn’t going to happen but Sirius and Misty Rain (Iseulbi?) just don’t have any chemistry.
    The art was beautiful, though. I do believe I throughly enjoyed it.

  2. Connie Says:

    It’s true, the two don’t have any chemistry. I really hate Hanbit, but he wound up being a really interesting character by the end of the series.

    It really did have beautiful art. I wish we’d gotten a few extra color pages, the ones in the first volume were to die for.

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