Let’s Be Perverts 4

December 23, 2007

I was a little surprised to find that the setup to this volume was almost exactly the same as the last one.  Good thing volume 3 was fantastic, or I would be really disappointed instead of just a little sad.  At the beginning, Perverto and his friends are prepared to pay a random girl to have sex with them.  You worry that this is going to turn into a really uncomfortable situation really fast (Perverto is the one nominated to do the deed while the others hide in the bathroom and watch), but Perverto finds the nice in the girl who shows up to be paid for sex, and a lot of the rest of the book is Perverto sticking up for this girl.  It’s still a really good formula, and a lot of what Perverto says rings quite true, unlike most manga sermons.

On the Hongdan front, the teacher spills his guts to her, and that situation turns out to be not as explosive as you would have thought.  I… didn’t quite understand what was going on there, actually.

I was almost disappointed, because Perverto starts dating another girl and he and Hongdan don’t actually hook up.  Actually, it’s got an almost “Flowers and Bees” type ending.  The comparison is not quite accurate, but they remind me of each other, at least, and I would say this series is very similar to that one in many ways.  I thought the ending fit, in any case, and I liked the way all the final wrapups were done.

This series was quite good.  The basic premise, the main character’s name, and the disturbing title page images all point to it being a really crappy shounen romantic comedy, but it’s actually more of a drama, and the story and characters become surprisingly well-developed and a lot of what happens, as I said earlier, rings surprisingly true.  I wouldn’t call it a gem of mondern manga (or manhwa, whatever), but it’s certainly worth a read, and it would be a recommendation I wouldn’t hesitate to give for anyone who really enjoys romance stories.  There’s a lot of gems at Netcomics.

2 Responses to “Let’s Be Perverts 4”

  1. Pirkaf Says:

    Like you, I can’t say I liked the ending of this series and also the art seemed to go down a bit but nothing really dissapointing here. I even consider continuing reading 0/6, maybe at least on the net. I wonder what the name “Perverto” sounds like in korean…

  2. Connie Says:

    I know! Even in such a ridiculous context, I had a hard time getting over the name Perverto. I’m not sure why I decided to buy this series in the first place, because so much of the superficial stuff about it is bad, but I’m still surprised by how much I like it.

    You should try Flowers and Bees too, if you haven’t already. It’s sort of similar to this one, except Flowers and Bees is a little less creepy and a little more funny.

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